Wig color chart of APOHAIR

01 Wig Color Chart

As a wig user, you must know how important it is to choose the right color for your wig. It plays up your look if you get the right one and maybe a nightmare you want to forget if you go with the wrong color. So today, we bring you a useful piece of info about wig color chart and some tips to select a suitable color for your wig. Let’s get started!

Wig color chart guide

APOHAIR currently divides the color shade of wigs and hair extension into 2 ranges, including warm tone and ash tone. Below is our wig hair color chart:

02 Wig Color Chart

Warm tone

#1: Jet black

#1B: Off black, or natural black

#RED: Red

#2: Darkest brown

#3: Darkest brown with auburn

#4: Chocolate brown, or medium dark brown

#6: Medium chestnut brown

#8: Light chestnut brown

#12: Warm light golden brown

#14: Medium ash blonde

#16: Honey blonde

#18: Dark ash blonde

#22: Champagne blonde

#24: Golden blonde

#27: Strawberry blonde

#613: French vanilla blonde

#60: Platinum blonde

Ash tone

Ash tone includes the cold color shades: #2Q, #2H, #3Q, #5Q, #6C, #8H, #9C, #12C, #18C, #613Q, #32H, #33H

Tips on choosing wig color

To select a suitable color for your wig, you should take into consideration your skin tone and eye color. There are two types of skin tones, namely warm tones and cool tones. To decide which skin tones you belong to, you can see the kind of jewelry you tend to like and wear. If it is gold, you are likely in warm skin tones. And if you prefer silver, then your skin tones may be cool ones.

Warm skin tones

If your skin is in golden, olive or dark color while your eyes are brown or dark, you definitely belong to warm tones. You can also look at the skin on your inner wrist. If it’s in greenish hue, you are a member of a warm family, too. These skin tones are popular among Latinas, Asians and African Americans.

03 Wig Color Chart

People who fall into this category should choose the wigs in color shades that darker than their skin like caramel or bronze. A brown wig with dark, warm and golden brown shades, auburn, warm golden shade and red highlights and golden blonde shades will be smart choices. Wigs in the red-orange or golden base will look great on you. If you want to add highlights to your wig, it’s better to go with golden blondes, copper streaks and golden brown shades.

If you have dark skin tone, you should not try a wig with blue, violet, jet black and ash-based colors which will wash your skin tone out. The light color shades are also not an option for a warm-toned person.

Cool skin tones

People in cool skin tones often have fair skin and blue or green eyes. Their skin tends to burn before tanning and the veins in the wrists run blue. If you belong to this group, the best color choice for your wig will be jet black and cool brown shades. A blonde wig in cool shades is also a marvelous choice. It’s better to buy a wig in neutral, ash and beige bases and make highlights in honey and ash shades if you want to have more fun. Don’t try a wig with red, yellow, golden and bronze tones since these colors will make you look sallow.

04 Wig Color Chart

A side note

The color displaying on a desktop screen and other devices may look a bit different in reality due to the resolution of the screens. Therefore, we recommend using a color ring for safe color selection. APOHAIR also includes it in our product item. You can simply order one together with your wig. APOHAIR’s support team is always there to bring you instant help. Let visit our wig collection and add-to-cart one with the shade that will shine up your beauty.

05 Wig Color Chart

Knowing about the wig color chart will help you get the truest color that suits your appearance before you make an order. Hence, let learn about it to avoid wasting your money on the wrong item. We hope that this article is useful for you when choosing a wig color. Please keep following us for more tips and news. Thank you for reading. 


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