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What is 32 inch keratin extension? If you are wondering about it, I am sure that you are not a sassy girl in hair world. No worry, Apohair will help you to find out the easiest understanding of this term and the best vendor to purchase it.

32 inch keratin extension

How long is 32 inch hair extension?

32 inch hair extension is super long hair that not many people are brave enough to try. It is not about its beauty but its haircare. The longer the hair is, the harder to keep it in healthy and stunning condition.

32 inch hair extension is about 80 cm and it is mid-thigh length. In case you are not tall, the length of 32 inch hair extension can reach your knee! Wow, let’s imagine how it is when apply to you natural hair. It must be super long!

What is keratin extension?

Keratin extension is one of the best way to apply hair extension to your hair. We separate hair material into small strands and bond them with melted keratin in its root. Therefore, keratin extension is also called pre-bond extension, hot fusion. Depending on the sharp of the keratin, we name it as i-tip, v-tip, u-tip and flat-tip. All of these types can be applied by melting the keratin to make a bond in your natural hair. Beside hot fusion method, hairstylists can use rings or beads to install i-tip hair extension. However you want to extend your hair length and volume with 32 inch keratin extension, you need a professional hairstylist to do it for you.

Double drawn standard

Unlike Chinese hair vendors who classify hair extension basing on lifespan, Apohair divides hair extension into its thickness. Why we don’t make it as Chinese vendors? It is because we supply high quality hair only! While some hair extension from these vendors can last in 3 months, all of our products stay in 1-2 years for remy hair and up to 3 years for virgin hair.

02 32 Inch Keratin Extension

Apohair has 4 different hair standards which are represented as A, A+, A++, A+++.

  • A is single drawn type 1
  • A+ is single drawn type 2
  • A++ is double drawn type 1
  • A+++ is double drawn type 2

The difference of these standards lays in its hair end thickness. It is easy to realize that the more plus it is, the thicker hair is. Double drawn standard is an ideal choice to have a medium fullness. Especially, when you want wavy or curly hair with 32 inch keratin extension, double drawn standard will be perfect for you.

Apohair’s 32 inch hair extension

About us

Apohair is fully “APO import-export joint stock company” which was legally registered in 2013. However, we have gained experiences in hair industry since 1990 from a small factory. Apohair is now proud of being one of the biggest hair vendor in Vietnam that has factory with a scale of 1000 workers and workshop with more than 30 staff dividing into different departments to support and operate our company.

We have served more than 620,000 clients in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. Our motto is “Your beauty, my duty”, we always put clients’ satisfaction as the very first criteria to measure the success of a company.

Quality and price

03 32 Inch Keratin Extension

Apohair has our own factory where we carefully collect raw materials and select the high quality to go on producing. Our products are:

  • 100% virgin hair, no synthetic hair and no processed hair
  • No shedding, no nit or lice and tangle free
  • Available length from 6 inch to 40 inch with is equivalent to 15 com to 100 cm. 32 inch hair extension is one of our long hair collection that not many vendors can supply in hair market.
  • Various choices in hairstyle with more than 30 textures

As other professional factories in hair extension field, we try our best to reduce input cost and supply the most suitable price for our clients. Our prices are diverse in different levels to meet end needs of every customer. If you want to know more about price, please check it on our online store at http://apostore.vn


04 32 Inch Keratin Extension

Vietnamese human hair is natural black. It will be a perfect match for black lovers. However, hair trends change rapidly with large rage of color. Thus, Apohair has created our color chart with more than 30 colors which is basing on hair market demand.

From 3 basic colors as black, brown, blonde, we develop them into different shades. The most success in hair dye is our cold colors. These colors will marked with C, Q, H such as 2H, 3Q, 6C, 9C, etc. All of our hair extension are available to all colors here. Of course, it includes 32 inch keratin extension. To make it better, we are ready to design your hair color with ombre and mix piano color. Instead of changing hairstyle which is hardly in sharp, a bomb hair color will absolutely goes with you few months. You can mix any hair colors in our palette to make a new color for you. Isn’t it great? For ombre, we limit it without cold colors. But we are confident that it is enough to satisfy most clients all over the world.

It is easy to buy high quality 32 inch keratin extension with double drawn now. Why are you still hesitant? Contacting Apohair staff now to have the best deal and the best customer service. We are online 24/7 to support you with every products. Thanks for reading and see you later in other articles.

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