What is the best wig for your face shape?

01 Face Shapes

Face shape has always been considered the main factors to determine which hairstyle suits a person. And the same goes for wigs. Whether you use a wig for fashion or medical purposes, it will be marvelous if it can accentuate your beauty. While there are numerous wigs out there, choosing the right one that accentuates your facial features is important. And today, we will go deep into face shapes and the best wigs for each type. Stay tuned!

How to determine your face shape?

The most common method to decide which kind of shape your face falls into is to stand in front of a mirror, pull your hair off your face with clips and headband, then compare your facial features with the typical types of face shapes. There are seven types of face shapes, namely: oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear, and oblong.

02 Face Shapes

Oval shape: The face is well proportional with average length, wide cheekbones, and rounded jaw. The jaw is narrower than the cheekbones.

Round shape: Round face-shaped is featured with a wide hairline, fullness below the cheekbones, and rounded jawline that make the face look short. 

Square shape: A person with a wide hairline and square jawline indeed belongs to this group.

Diamond shape: If your face has a narrow forehead, pointy jaw, and wide cheekbones, you are definitely the sparking diamond.

Heart shape: This face shape is characterized by a wide forehead, narrow chin, and widow’s peak.

Pear shape: Also known as triangular face shape. This face has a small and narrow forehead and larger jawline.

Oblong shape: A long and narrow bone structure (with long chin and forehead) is the characteristics of an oblong-shape face.

What is the best wig for your face shape?

03 Face Shapes

Oval face

As this facial shape is so proportional, it matches all the styles and lengths perfectly. So, it’s your choice to select a wig you like. You can also accentuate the ideal features of this face shape with a thick blunt bob, side-swept bangs, or medium layered style.

Round face

This face shape looks relatively short; therefore, you should choose a wig style that can elongate your face and soften the fullness of your cheeks. The best wigs for the round-shaped face are long layered styles and off-center parting. Wigs with wide curls, wispy bangs, and blunt look should not be in your list as they will make your face look rounder.

Square face

What you need if you have a square-shaped face is some height at the top and narrowness at the sides to create the illusion of length. Hence, it will look great with wavy wigs or wigs with deep side parts and subtle bangs. Longer wigs with a layered look will also be a smart choice to complement your face. This face type should avoid straight hairstyles that can make your face look squarer.

Diamond face

A diamond-shaped face will go best with wigs that create narrower sides and fullness at the chin. Bob, short textured lob, long side-swept bangs are some styles you can consider for your wig. A straight bang will also a good way to shorten your face, or a high ponytail can help you to show off your cheekbones.

Heart face

If you have a heart-shaped face, a wig with side-swept bangs will help to soften the width of your forehead. Layered wigs with shoulder-length are also the perfect assistant. And it’s better to avoid short bangs and super long wigs.

Pear face

A longer wig will be a marvelous item for people with a pear-shaped face as it disguises the prominence of the jawline. If you want a new style with short wigs, make sure you add some volume to the top of the wig to bring fullness to the top of your face.

Oblong face

With this face shape, you should not go with long and sleek wigs since they make your face look longer. Short wigs with layers, curly wig, and wigs with body are will help your face appear wider. Hence, keep those wig styles in your list.

Above are the 7 types of face shapes and the suitable wigs to tone up your beauty. We hope that this post gives you useful info in choosing a brilliant wig. And don’t forget to visit APOHAIR to check out our stunning human hair wig collection. Thank you for reading.


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