What is a quick weave? 10 steps for a glue in curly weave hairstyles

Glue In Curly Weave

Installing a weave hairstyle can be a long and tedious process and if you’re a woman on-the-go, spending 4 hours or even more at the hair salon isn’t a good option. So let’s enter the quick weave.

What Is Quick Weave

For some, quick weaves have earned a bad reputation. The main reason is somes horror stories of hair damage from installing and removing the weave. However, if done right, quick weaves and glue in curly weave can be a trendy and simple way to attain vivacious, glamorous hair in just a short amount of time.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a weaving method when hair wefts are glued directly to a protective weave cap that is placed on your head before bonding. This style can be done at home or by a qualified hairstylist.

Like a sew-in weave, hair is braided down in cornrows or plaits. Instead of braiding the hair, a hardening gel can also be used to hold down it. The protective cap is placed over the hair and provides coverage from the glue. Hair extensions are then cut and glued to the cap. Once placed on the protective cap, each weft needs to be blow-dried or air-dried to ensure a successful application. Wefts hair are attached until the desired look is completely done.

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What’s Great About Quick Weaves?

Quick weaves have become a growing trend. It’s commonly known as a cheaper, faster option comparing to the sew-in weave. Let’s break this down.

Quick Weave Glue In

It’s easy to see that quick weaves have a lot of advantages and one of its main highlights is the style’s affordability. They can range from $60-$150, depending on if you DIY at home or have it done by a professional. This price range is obviously lower than other hair extension styles like sew-ins or box braids, which can cost upwards of $250.

Glue in weave / quick weave technique is usually finished in 1.5 hours, half the time it usually takes to install a sew-in. If you’re a working professional, a busy mom, or both, they are a great alternative for a flattering, stunning look in a relatively short time.

Quick weaves are simple DIY hairstyles. All of the materials for a quick weave are available at your local beauty supply store or online at a reasonable price. This lower barrier to entry allows you to experiment with new looks without breaking the bank and wasting a ton of time.

How to glue in curly weave

Although we can sew-in curly weave hairstyle, we had better try gluing since it can conceal hair that is underneath the weave. Now, how to glue in curly weave hairstyle?

Glue In Curly Weave

  1. Create tracks. Create a horizontal part at neck’s nape. Braid the hair’s section that has been parted into a horizontal braid. Tuck (pin) the end of the braid with a bobby pin.
  2. Keep creating tracks upwards to head’s front. Note: tracks should be thin instead of thick. Leave a small amount of hair unbraided when you get close to the front hairline, and leave enough hair unbraided to cover up the last track that was braided.
  3. Remove curly weave’s long weft from the packing. Through the weft, run your fingers to ensure there are no tangles.
  4. Lay the weave’s weft on top of the track that is at the nape of your neck, taking a measurement of how long the first weft needs to be.
  5. Cut a piece of the weave, matching the length of the braided track.
  6. Along the top stitching of the curly weave, place a thin layer of weave of glue. Extend the glue from one end of the weave to the other end.
  7. Directly place the weft of curly weave above the track that is at the nape of the neck, and make sure place the weft on the scalp.
  8. Press and hold the weft of weave for about 60 seconds to give the glue time to dry.
  9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 until the curly weave has been placed on all of the tracks that have been created.
  10. Use the loose hair that is near the front hairline to conceal the last weft of weave. You can use a holding gel or spritz to hold the loose hair in place if you like, preventing the loose hair from blowing in the wind to reveal the weave weft.

How do you think about a quick weave or a glue in curly weave hairstyle? Try it and share with us your experience. Hope you find this post useful. Keep following our website for more tips, news and how-to guides in the next article!!!


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