What hairstyles should you pick out for your hot new short wig?

3 Short Wig

So you just put down your credit card number on this short wig that you saw online. You are elated and picture yourself attending some jazzy party with your new units. Sure, everything is great. But there seems to be a disconnection between your dream and reality, you need to pick out a style for your wigs before you can go anywhere.

Short hairstyles trend is on the rise

I love how women in my country and everywhere else in the world favor short hair so much lately. Short hair is easy to maintain, beautiful to look at, and perfect for women who are always on the run. But be very careful when you set down on a style since some looks may work for certain face shapes, but might not work well for you at all. Today I will happily give you some recommendations and guidelines so you can find a cut that is both elegant, beautiful but most importantly, flattering. Here are 5 types of hairstyles that get our expert’s approval when you take your face shape into account.

Different short hairstyles  for different face shape

1 For heart-shaped face: wispy short layered hair

2 Short Wig

A heart-shaped face is exactly what you can imagine. A small cheek with a wider forehead is what you can picture with this face shape. The cheekbones on these types of faces are quite prominent and it is a very attractive feature you don’t need to hide. To style a hairstyle that would work for this face, you need to hide the forehead to balance out the face structure. That’s why for us wispy layered hair coupled with a side-swept bang would work perfectly in these scenarios. Our hairstylists think that for these hairstyles, you shouldn’t air dry. Turn on your blow-dryer on low-heat seating blowing in the same direction as the hair grows, and use a comb to gently style your hair.

2. For oval-shaped face: angled bob

People with oval-shaped faces are lucky since they can experiment with all types of hairstyles. An angled bob is a safe choice since you want something edgy and angled to balance your features but also layered enough to make up for your small chin. With these styles, you can easily style with any brush or a wide-tooth comb. With this style, you can wash with a mild shampoo and let it air dry without any problems.

0 Short Wig

3.  For square-shaped face:  shoulder-length hair

For the square-shaped face, we recommend you check out styles that would not further accentuate the width of your head. Shoulder-length hair would fit the bill nicely. Hair that goes further down from your jawline also hide your square jaw and soften your feature significantly. Since we are working with a lot of length here, there can be so many options for you to play around with. You need to ask yourself whether you want straight hair or you want something more playful like a body wave look. Human hair wigs allow you to have many variations and also would make for a more natural, elegant hair movement.

4. For round face: pixie cut

I don’t think there could be a more obvious answer than this one. Round face and pixie are like a match made in heaven. A pixie cut works well with a round face since your side is short and there is a lot of volume on top to compensate for your lack of length in face shape. Put your hair in a cornrow or french braid and put on your wigs, start applying, and plucking, and using adhesive then take her to your trusted salon. I promise pixie cut is so so worth it. Use some wax to style your hair and make the strands become more prominent is a chic touch to your already very edgy look.

5. Last but not least – for your long shaped face: curly lob with a side part

A longer bob with a slanted part really shows all the beauty for this type of face. A lob like this will make your forehead look less long at the same time you add width to your face with those curly locks. Hence, the added volume and the tasteful camouflage of this short wavy bob hairstyle would really elevate your looks transform your whole style. Communicate with your hairstylist what this look entails and by the end, you will pinch yourself why you haven’t tried any time sooner.

1 Short Wig

Short natural hair wig as a safe bet

Now I know some of you girls out there would not be afraid to shed some old hair but I’m sure not everybody has that boldness in them. That is why a lot of my readers wear short wigs as a protective measure and fashion accessory. Some of my friends, under the right guidance, have never look back on their decision to play around with a short wig. These units are truly magic workers.

I hope that my guide is helpful. Have you been able to pick out the right styles for your particular face shape? Do you think some other options would be more appropriate?


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