Wet and wavy weave extensions – new experience for new hairstyles

Wet Wavy
Wet Wavy

As much as we hate to break it to you, heat damage is huge. All that curling, straightening, or even just blow-drying are putting strains on your hair. That’s why, girls, it’s time you get up and have yourself a set of nice hair extensions. And if you’d love your lock to look a bit “dampen”, then you probably won’t want to miss out on this post. Below, we’re giving your hair some moment to chill by introducing you to these wet and wavy weave hairstyles, in case you’re to discover a new look. So keep scrolling down to get some ideas about what is a wet and wavy weave and what to do with it.

01 Wet Wavy
01 Wet Wavy

What’s Wet and Wavy Hair?

Basically, little chemical and heat processing is required when creating a wet and wavy weave. Therefore, wet and wavy weaves are considered hairs that can transform from wavy to straight and vice versa very easily. You can just have a sultry sassy wavy hairstyle today and a chic elegant straight hair the next day at ease.

02 Wet Wavy
02 Wet Wavy

The wet and wavy weaves are made of 100% human hair so that they can offer you the most natural-looking lock, in comparison to the synthetic weaves. Besides, just like any other extensions made of virgin human hair, wet and wavy weaves are super long-lasting and highly resistant to heat. They scarcely shed nor get tangled. Thus, the weave is the perfect choice for girls that are looking to healthy-looking hair extensions yet resilience enough to offer a wide range of styling options – from bleaching, coloring to other heat products-involved styling.

03 Wet Wavy
03 Wet Wavy

How to Activate the Wet and Wavy Hair?

The wet and wavy look won’t come into life if you don’t know how to activate it. So here are a few steps you want to do before styling your wet and wavy weave:

04 Wet Wavy
04 Wet Wavy

#Step 1: Brush out any tangles using a loop or a soft paddle brush.

#Step 2: Mix your conditioner with water and spray the solution onto your weave.

#Step 3: Scrunch the hair to make it wavy. Repeat until you make it through the entire piece.

#Step 4: Use a wet brush to brush the waves to ensure a sleek look. Scrunch the hair again from the ends if you want a deep wavy lock and air dry the hair.

#Step 5: Once your weave is fully dried, use some natural oils to add nourishment to your hair. And your wet and wavy weave is ready to style.

Wet and Wavy Weave Hairstyles

Again, hair extensions are the perfect way to perk up your look, and so is the wet and wavy weave. Wet and wavy weave hairstyles can be adapted for a wide range of hair color and length, such as the splendid layered deep wavy or the textured twist. So here are some best hairstyles for the wet and wavy weave that you might want to try.

Loose Braid Waves

05 Wet Wavy
05 Wet Wavy

This hairstyle is quite exceptional, as you don’t want to activate the wet and wavy look for your weave beforehand. Instead, you want to braid your damp weave, right after being sprayed the water-conditioner mixture on, into four segments. Keep in mind that the messier the braids look, the more natural your waves will look. Leave the braid until it is completely dry before you undo it. To make it more defined, use a sea-salt spray and scrunch up your hair one more time.

Scarf Buns

It’s always preferable to have a bun, especially when we are living in a modern world when the air is polluted, and deadlines keep coming after us. We have to find a hairstyle that is protective, low-maintenance, yet can still keep us pretty and chic, and that is when the bun becomes so popular among girls. But isn’t it boring just having buns day by day? Well, that’s why we call it the scarf bun. All you have to do is to have a normal bun, but you want to finish it by tying a scarf around it as an accessory, and there you have a whole new refreshing bun for your busy day.


As we said, the wet and wavy weave a favorable thanks to its ability to change from wavy texture to straighter one. There are two ways to deactivate your wet and wavy weave – either by using your round brush or by blow-drying.

With your dry extensions, use a round brush to smooth out the waves. Repeat this step section by section until you got the straight level as you want. Another way is to use your hairdryer at the warm setting and comb your hair downward until your hair is straightened.

And once you got your wet and wavy extensions straight, pull it back into a ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic or scrunchy, and you may add some hairspray to get the most luster to look to your liking.

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How to Take Care of the Wet and Wavy Weave?

Just like any other type of human hair extensions, the wet and wavy weave requires the same hair care routine as they need an appropriate amount of nourishment to stay healthy. As for the right method to take care of it, you may want to first consider the suitable type of shampoo, normally a gentle and sulfate-free shampoo will do. Hair conditioners are the next thing to consider as daily conditioning is of extra importance. And don’t forget your brushing routine as you won’t want your hair to get tangled every time you’re about to use it. Apart from that, do invest in some hair oils, hair essences, and hair serum in order to prolong your weave life span. Also, Apostore is now providing many types of weave wavy hair. All you need to do is just coming with us and picking up our latest hair products or the items you love in our collection. Apostore is always here to support you in the shortest time.

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