Hair Extensions at The Beach This Summer

Vietnam Hair Extensions Beach Summer 1
Vietnam Hair Extensions Beach Summer 1

Ahh, the beach. It could be the most relaxing place on earth. The water, sand, and the sun, brightly beaming on your skin. Great right? Here are five Vietnam hair extensions you must have for Summer ’18!

Vietnam Hair Extensions Beach Summer 1


Brazilian Spanish Waves

Want great natural textures and waves? Brazilian Spanish waves are the go-to hair extensions this summer. The luscious curls have a natural look and feel, and amazingly it’s lightweight. It’ll look great with any beachwear and summer dress that you’ll wear.

Vietnam Hair Extensions Beach Summer 2

It is the perfect vacation Vietnam hair extensions. The slight spiral curls add a beautiful flavor to curls, and they can be dyed and permed. The hair’s very soft texture is great, it does not tangle, and if you want to provide more volume to the hair, you can lightly brush it out.

Washing the hair over and over again leaves it the same full and slightly curled style it was when you first installed the extensions. Feel free to swim with this hair because it’s worth the freedom to have fun this summer with a little water. And don’t worry, the curls will come back.

A great hairstyle for the Brazilian Spanish waves is installing the Vietnam hair and letting the curls do all the work of showing it’s beautiful curl pattern flavor. Private Label Extensions carries this hair from 12 inches to 24 inches.

Brazilian Afro Kinky

Protective hairstyles are great if you don’t want to get frustrated with your hair at the beach.

Brazilian Afro Kinky hair is perfect for replacing your real hair for Vietnam hair extensions that can mimic your hair. It is a fun and bubbly way of staying in style while sitting in the sun.

Vietnam Hair Extensions Beach Summer 3

Brazilian Afro Kinky has a pretty coiled texture that has body and volume that’s thick and juicy. It’s anything close to what natural curls look like. The hair can be colored, and it looks best in a styled hair bush style with coiled bangs. The hair can also style in a more extended length bob hairstyle that emphasizes the natural coils. Look like yourself with this protective style!

Private Label Extensions offers Brazilian Afro Kinky in bundle lengths from 12 inches to 20 inches. They also provide a lace closure in this style.

Before going to the beach, you would likely shop for a swimsuit, sundress, and don’t forget the sun shades. But, the missing piece of the puzzle is your new Vietnam hair extensions that you could be rocking this summer.
Curls usually make a statement at the beach. Curls bring a happy, fun, and outgoing personality that matches the summer beach wave vibe.


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