Tricks to master a natural look for you wig

01 How To Make A Wig

Wearing a wig does not only mean applying it on your head. Today, wig wearers always want their wigs to look like their real hair. It is simply because no one wishes other people to recognize they are using a wig. Therefore, it’s important to grasp the best tips on how to make a wig look natural. Let check the following points to see if you have gone the right way.

Knowing your face shape

Even with your bio hair, you need to consider a suitable hairstyle to compliment your face. And the same thing goes to your wig. Knowing your face shapes will help you buy a wig that highlights your beauty and make it look more natural. If your current wig does not have the style you want, you can bring it to a hairdresser and get an awesome haircut.

02 How To Make A Wig

Creating the dimension

If you look at your own hair, you can see it does not contain only one color, except for those with really dark hair. Most people have some shades of color and dimension throughout the layers of their hair. That’s why a wig with just one color from the roots to the tips may look quite artificial. For a better look, we suggest using a wig with a rooted color. If your current wig doesn’t have that “dimension”, you can bring it to a hair salon to make the color blending.

03 How To Make A Wig

Measuring your head to get the right size

A wig bigger than your head is likely to slip out of your head anytime while a tight one will cause pressure and uncomfortable feeling to your scalp and head. If you don’t feel relaxed with your wig, that’s a quick way to make it look unrealistic. Therefore, measuring your head before you make an order for a wig is a must-have step.

04 How To Make A Wig

Styling your wig naturally

Each wig comes with a certain texture and length. Having the same look from time and time will be boring and people many know that your hair is fake. Hence, to make it look like your real hair, you can treat it like it’s your natural one. For example, making a short haircut, creating layers, curls, and waves, or braiding, putting the hair into a ponytail, and adding some lovely small hair accessories to form a highlight.

05 How To Make A Wig

Treating your wig like your family

The better you take care of your wig, the softer and smoother the strands will be. Accordingly, don’t be lazy and ignore the maintenance process. Washing it depending on the frequency of use, applying specialized wig care products, limiting overheat with styling tools even if you have a human hair wig, and storing it properly will keep your wig always vibrant and tangle-free. In this way, you can not only make the hair strands of the wig more natural but also lengthen its lifespan. 

06 How To Make A Wig

Don’t be shy with your wig

Whether you are using a wig as a part of your therapy or to change your style without damaging your bio hair, the first time wearing it may be quite strange to you. Many people also struggle with getting used to their wigs. Knowing how to wear a wig correctly is a key thing and forget that you are wearing a wig. Turn your attention to other things you do rather than concentrating on your head. You can try to wear your wig around your family and close friends first if you don’t feel confident with it. Another important note is to prepare for some unexpected circumstances like a strong windy day that may take your wig away. You should check the weather forecast before going out, and bringing a cap or hat along with you will be a smart move.

07 How To Make A Wig

Investing in a human hair wig

Synthetic wigs are available in the market at cheaper price and more style and color options. That ready-to-use feature makes it loved by many young girls. However, it also comes with a math of dry and rough fibers after a short time of using, thereby losing the naturalness you want. We always recommend readers to purchase a good human hair wig for a realistic look and feel. If you don’t know where to get one, let take a look at APOHAIR’s wig collection and find a wig to your favor.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips on how to make a wig look natural will help you master a stunning appearance to rock your days. If you have any other suggestions, let share them in the comment section. Thank you for reading. 


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