Transparent lace wig vs. HD lace wig – Which one is better?

01 Transparent Lace Wig

Wig lovers always want to have a perfect natural look with their wigs. Therefore, they are now more and more crazing for transparent lace wig, and now the new HD lace wig. These two types of wigs are all incredible in hiding your hairline. But you may wonder what their difference is. So, let scroll down your mouse to get the answer.

What is transparent lace wig?

A transparent lace wig is a type of that uses transparent lace. This is a kind of regular lace in transparent color. There are four types of colors for regular lace, namely dark brown, light brown, medium brown and transparent.

02 Transparent Lace Wig

Transparent lace is made from Swiss lace or French lace, but Swiss lace is more commonly used because it’s softer and more ductile than French lace. This type of lace is thin, light, clear, and ventilated and matches well with your skin tone. Thanks to those great features, transparent lace wigs look more natural. The lace is nearly like your own scalp.

What is HD lace wig?

HD lace (high definition lace) is the latest kind of lace with the highest quality. It is also called as film lace as the material is thinnest in texture. HD lace is softer, lighter, more ventilated, and more invisible than transparent lace and other types of regular lace.

03 Transparent Lace Wig

HD lace wig, or invisible lace wig, secures the most natural look since the lace is more see-through, and it looks like your real scalp. Both transparent lace wig and HD lace wig can be bleached and colored to match the color of your scalp, but it’s not necessary to do so. The lace is already integrated into your skin, making your hairline less visible.

The difference between transparent lace wig and HD lace wig?

Natural look

Both of the wigs can create the natural and undetectable hairline, but HD lace wig looks closer to the skin color as the HD lace is thinner and more transparent. 


HD lace and transparent lace are ventilated. Since the HD lace is thinner, however, it also possesses better breathability.

04 Transparent Lace Wig

Skin irritation

Transparent lace is not as soft as HD lace, and it may still cause minimal irritation. Whereas, HD lace wig is less itchy as the lace is softer. It brings a feeling of relaxation for users while installing.


HD lace is the newest type of lace material, and it requires higher technology to produce. Hence, HD lace wig is more expensive than the transparent lace wig with normal lace.

APOHAIR’s lace wig

APOHAIR is one of the leading hair producers and suppliers in Vietnam. After more than 10 years operating in the field, we have expanded our product range with various hair products like wigs, wefts, and many types of hair extensions from human hair. The lace wig product line of APOHAIR is also made with high-quality HD lace that will surely make you feel satisfied with the natural effect.

05 Transparent Lace Wig

Apart from that, APOHAIR has just launched a new premium collection named GALAXY COLLECTION. It’s where you can find the marvelous hair bundles for wig making. The lace closure and lace frontal are all from HD lace. Together with the smooth wefts, you can create the most natural wig to transform your look anytime you want. Let take a look and don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 staff for instant support.

Overall, transparent lace wig and HD lace wig are two types of wig that bring the natural look for wearers. HD lace wig is superior, but it’s much higher in price compared with a transparent lace wig. Therefore, if you intend to buy a wig, just take your budget into consideration.

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