Tips to take care of short hair


APOHAIR welcomes you to the specific guide caring for your short hair. We are here to bring you the ultimate tips and tricks about about crops to bobs to keep short hair style look more attractive, natural but still healthy and beautiful. Please take your time to read carefully the blog post for helpful advice, tips and insider secrets.

  1. Comb your natural short hair less frequently by


Use your fingers

It is obviously that short hair doesn’t need to be brushed as much and often as long hair does. The reason would be that short hair seems to be less likely to tangle. Unlikely, long hair does. Brushing your short hair with fingers is commonly enough in order to shape and re-style it. Hairstylists agree that your fingers are generally better than brushing tools. For styling your short hair, use your fingers to give you the shape where you need to get volume.

Invest in a bristle brush

If you really want to run a brush with your short hair, the experts recommended that you should add a bristle brush to your hair care arsenal in order to reduce the underlying damages from the brush for your short hair.

  1. Reduce the use of heated products

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Find for your own a style which does not require straighteners and heated products. Please bear in mind that do not use heated products and tools daily.

In addition, you should also use a cotton bud in order to prevent your short hair from flyaway strands

Your short hair is also need to be cut every three to six weeks. Going to the hair salon every three or six weeks would sound redundant, especially with short hair styles, particularly closer crops, which requires a bit little maintenance at hair salon than your normal cut. So clearly, short hair might somehow save your time, money and effort in terms of maintenance. But it does not mean that short hairstyles do not need any of that.

  1. Wash your hair every day

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Short hair as stated above the it needs less maintenance from hair salon but more regular washing

There is a thing experts agree on, it is, shorter haircut generally requires more daily washing than longer one. The reason would be that shorter haircut can become greasy more easily and more quickly, the exact number of times you need to wash your short hair is dependent on the level of oil produced by the scalp though.

  1. Rinse in a blast of cold water in order to get extra shine

If your short hair looks a little bit down, try the very simple tip to add up a boost of gloss.

At the next time when you wash your short hair, finish the process with a blast of cold water. This will smooth and soothe the heat damage from showering.

To sum up, short hairstyle would be a fantastic style for fashionable and modern girls, but in order to take care of it, you need to put more efforts than long hairstyles. If you have any further ideas of how to take care of it well, please let APOHAIR know.


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