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Hair extensions nowadays are more and more popular. They become indispensible women’s hair beauty tool and contribute a lot to enhance their look. With the support of hair extensions, your hair will look amazing like Disney Princesses’ hair; however, it is also a disaster if your extensions fall out unluckily.

No one wants this to happen; therefore, in this post, we will give you some tips to help you prevent your hair extensions from falling out.


You may use many different types of hair extensions such as clip-in hair, tape hair, tip hair and so one. However, no matter which type you apply, you should be careful in maintaining them to keep them from falling out.

Clean your hair before applying for hair extensions

If you want to get the best results with hair extensions, it is important that you make your hair clean as much as possible. It is suggested to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo which will help you remove all product building up from your hair.

Take care when sleeping

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Your hair extensions will easily fall out when you sleep if you do not care for them well. During you sleep, your hair will move around, which can make your extensions be tangled and felt out. To prevent this problem, you have to choose the suitable hairstyle for sleeping.

One popular style is the braid. Braiding your hair before going to bed prevents your hair from moving around and reduces the friction, which can lead to tangles and hair knots.

Take care when brushing your hair

One of the factors which lead to falling hair extensions is that you put too much pressure on them. Brushing incorrectly is one reason. Therefore, you should brush your hair gently.

It is highly recommended to brush by combing with one hand and holding the hair at the bonded area with another. This will help reduce the pressure on the bonds and prevent your extensions from shedding.

Take care when your hair is wet

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You have to be careful with your wet hair. As it may be heavier when it is wet, there is more pressure on your bonds. To protect your hair extensions from shedding, you should hang on to the tops of your extensions and be careful when brushing and blowing it.

Everyone wants to look gorgeous with beautiful hair; therefore, it is very vital that you should take care of your hair extensions well and prevent them from falling out.

No matter how good quality hair extensions are, you have to maintain them well by following these tips correctly. In addition, to look fabulous with extensions, choosing a good brand is very necessary.

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Whether you have short hair or long hair, chin-length hair or shoulder length hair, Apohair can satisfy you with many types from 8 inches to 24 inches hair extensions. With Apohair, you will be confident with your beauty!


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