The ultimate guide on how to secure a wig

01 How To Secure A Wig

Wig falling, slipping, or blowing off is a nightmare of any wig wearers. That’s why knowing how to secure a wig is extremely important for a perfect look each time you go out. There are many different ways to secure a wig, but no one can apply the same methods. So today, we will go over some popular ways and tips on securing a wig on special cases. Here we go.

5 ways to secure a wig

Wig grip 

Wig grip is a smart way to secure a wig with one side designed to grip your hair or skin, and the other side gripping your wig. Most grip bands also come with an adjustable strap at the back to adjust the size of the grip.

02 How To Secure A Wig

Wig cap

Wig cap performs as a barrier lying between your wig and your scalp. It grips to your skin and helps to hold the wig in place. There are three main types of wig caps, namely nylon wig, mesh wig cap, and wig grip cap.

03 How To Secure A Wig

Double-sided tape

Double-sided tape is also called as Hollywood fashion tape. It suits people with total hair loss and super easy to apply. You can place it anywhere inside the wig and peel off the paper covering the adhesive. 

04 How To Secure A Wig

Wig glue

Wig glue is another securing method for people without hair. It helps to tightly attach the wig with your scalp. Wig glue is easy to apply and remove. You can use water to remove the glue without causing any pain to your skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, wig glue should not be on your list since it can lead to some skin allergic issues.

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05 How To Secure A Wig

Bobby pins

Bobby pins are recommended for people with thick hair so that the pins can place tightly on your head. But please make sure that you purchase the booby pins with the same color with your wig. If not, the bobby pins will be visible underneath your wig.

06 How To Secure A Wig

How to secure a wig with bobby pins?

Securing a wig with bobby pins is one of the classic methods. It’s easy to do without harming your hair and scalp. You need to collect your hair and tie it down first. You can use some hairspray to make the hair lay flat. Then, put your hands inside the wig and place it on your head. After that, lift each section of your wig and slide a bobby pin through the wefts of your wig and into your bio hair. It’s better to prepare enough pins to completely secure your wig.

07 How To Secure A Wig

How to secure a wig on short hair?

If you have really short hair, wearing a wig cap can help you to create an anchor for clips and keep your wig in place. An alternative way shared among wig wearers is using duct tape, pin either side at the nape of the neck and glue down the lace front. This way is really helpful in attaching your wig into your head.

08 How To Secure A Wig

How to secure a wig to a bald head easily?

For those with total hair loss, the most common way to prevent their wigs from falling off is by using a wig cap. Yet, there are many people finding it uncomfortable with wig cap since it squeezes their head. In this case, double-sided tape can be a great choice. The tape is easy to apply, holds the wig well, and does not too sticky like glue. However, if you have skin problems, a silicone wig grip band or a nylon wig cap is a marvelous option.

09 How To Secure A Wig

How to secure a wig when dancing

Strong exercise like dancing can surely make you wig slip and fall off easily. Therefore, it’s essential to find a way to keep your wig tightly in your head to avoid that embarrassing experience. Dancing performers often use a lot of bobby pins around your hair. However, because the bobby pins may be seen clearly on your wig, they now change the way they secure their wigs by creating a firm base underneath the wig and wear it correctly. If you know how to wear a wig properly on your head, it won’t fall down easily. To make a strong base, pin curls your hair and pin your hair cap or wig cap into the pin curl. If you have a lace front wig, you can glue the lace frontal down for extra security. This method can also be applied for high-speed motorcycles and other exercises.

10 How To Secure A Wig

Above are some tips on how to secure a wig. If you have any other ideas, please drop a line in the comment box below. Thank you for reading.


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