The best online wig store to frequent when you are haunted by a wig idea!

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Ever felt the itch to create a new wig collection or just want a ready-made, pre-plucked wig ship to your front door when a special occasion comes about? Me too. I am very aware of how hard it is to choose the best online wig store, with so many criteria like price, quality, and range of service come into play. With this guide, I will give you my two-cents on how to pin down the right wig store for you, both in terms of general advice and specific recommendations.

My chameleon’s look and my past history with wig shopping

Sometimes due to my work nature, I need to appear at my client’s event with a certain type of hair to fit the brand’s idea and what my stylist had in her mind. And usually, without fail, I decided to shop for new wigs for these occasions since it is what works best for me. My hair has suffered from a lot of damage lately so wig it is! 

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What you need to consider before paying for any online wig shop?


The quality of wigs should always be at the top of your mind. No matter whom you source your products from, the quality will determine if your wigs get used or sit sadly in some corner, never to see the light of days. What you wear on your heads for the majority of the time awake needs to match with your style, personality and needs to be easily maintained ( given you follow the correct procedure) and can be styled and customized to your heart’s deepest desire. 

But the truth is a lot of wigs in the market can not live up to this standard, they can either have a mixed origin of hair, get tangled easily, and would be eventually deformed if you fancy too much styling. Aim for sellers who sell wigs online with a good reputation and can deliver products and services consistently.

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Seller’s fulfillment ability

Some online stores only repurchase from wholesalers, and then start styling and constructing based on the orders. How do I know this? Because the time it takes for my order to start delivering sometimes is just too long to make it sensible and required too much plan ahead. Many times if the products are not up to my standard, I have to require the sellers to re-fabricate the wigs, creating more waiting time. Due to this reason, I now exclusively shop wigs from places who manufactured it themselves.

Salestaff ‘s knowledge and understanding

Having a knowledgeable seller or sales staff just make the online shopping experience that much easier, you know. The salesperson is usually a decisive factor for me in my shopping for wigs. Some people communicate well and really understand where you are coming from. While others could be hit or miss or even completely clueless.

These understanding and rapport tend to even lead to collaborations and friendships outside of the hair’s world. I am a regular customer of APOstore and absolutely adore this girl that takes my order. If any you want her number, just leave a comment.


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Your budget is also very important since this will decide whether you would go through with your purchase decision. If you hope to cut down costs and save money, consider ordering from factories and companies who manufacture the weft and extensions themselves. This would allow for rigorous quality control as well as little middlemen inflation.

My recommendation from personal experience

If you have frequent my blog for a while, you will know for sure that I stand by and very loyal to my Vietnamese provider – APOHAIR. These hard-working people at APOstore always give me the best value and discount for their products. I can really vouch for their online wig store’s output and performance. I recommend you check them out to see if they really fit your project. Also, use the criteria above as a guide as you check out options like APOstore or any other suppliers.

So now that you are armed with the ability to judge wig’s supplier, do tell me what you are working on next in the comment section below. I have been busying myself with works but once I get some free time, I will start a new wig with 360 lace closure. Having a great seller is like half of the math already and will save you from so much trouble onwards. Do you have any good online wig store reviews? I would like to know more about that too.


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