The awesome moments of Priyanka Chopra without makeup

01 Priyanka Chopra No Makeup

Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra, is a successful actress, singer, model, and film producer of India. Listed among The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, Priyanka Chopra impresses people not only by her excellent career but also her goodwill with a variety of charity activities. The beauty of Priyanka Chopra is of no wonder, which demonstrated through her pageant wins, and her natural face also sparkles in her daily life with no stitch of makeup. Let see the following great moments of Priyanka Chopra without makeup and you will know why she can capture any person’s heart.

Natural beauty will surely shine

02 Priyanka Chopra No Makeup

In 2016, Priyanka Chopra took a photoshoot for People’s makeup-free campaign, which aims at inspiring natural beauty and calling for girls to shine with their nature. With the bright smile on her bare face, her hand gesturing to pull the hair strands out of her face, Priyanka Chopra blew out everyone’s mind because of her charm. If there is anyone who can rock a magazine shoot simply, that’s must be Priyanka Chopra. She did not need to do anything more as her beauty is already more than enough.

Classy Priyanka Chopra at the airport without makeup


03 Priyanka Chopra No MakeupThis picture was taken when Priyanka Chopra was at Mumbai International Airport, ready for her flight to Los Angeles for “In My City” official video shoot in September 2012. She looked chic and stylish in a black jacket over a slim pink T-shirt, black jeans, and a signature bag. Her elegant fashion airport and her gorgeous face with no trace of makeup drew the attraction of anyone around.

A photo with her fan

04 Priyanka Chopra No Makeup

Many celebrities are afraid of showing their real face before their fans as it may ruin their image. However, it’s absolutely not a concern of Priyanka Chopra. The actress of India is a friendly person and if a fan asks for a photo, she will agree easily even when she wears no layer of foundation, mascara, or lipsticks. Dressing in a simple outfit, but Priyanka Chopra looked as glamorous as when she is fully dressed in special events.

A simple yet beautiful look

05 Priyanka Chopra No Makeup

Despite being one of India’s highest-paid and most popular entertainers, Priyanka Chopra often goes low profile in her daily life with a normal outfit. In this picture, she was wearing a plain white T-shirt and ice-cold blue jeans. She put her hair into a high bun that shows the perfect face side with no makeup covering. The style looked neat and youthful on the pretty model.

Wake up with her cute puppy

06 Priyanka Chopra No Makeup

Priyanka Chopra often shared her time with her chihuahua mix on her Instagram account and the account she set up for her beloved puppy, Diana. In this photo, Priyanka was still lying on her bed with her face totally free from makeup. Pouting her lips to kiss Diana, Priyanka looked really adorable.

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Family gathering with no makeup

07 Priyanka Chopra No Makeup

Apart from her film and song projects, Priyanka Chopra devotes a lot of time doing charitable work and promoting social causes such as environment and women’s rights including gender equality, gender pay gap, and feminism. With such a hectic schedule, she does not have much time to be with her family. That’s the reason why she always treasures each family gathering. And one thing that she does not worry about when she’s with her beloved ones is how she looks. She doesn’t bother wearing any makeup. Priyanka Chopra is just her and enjoys her time with her family.

Above are some gorgeous photos of Priyanka Chopra without makeup which claims her natural beauty. Even the famous figures dare to go makeup-free, so why not you? You can also discover your true beauty with a coat of makeup. And don’t forget to check out APOHAIR’s GALAXY COLLECTION for marvelous hair bundles to transform your look. Thank you for reading.


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