Tape in wavy hair extensions – A new way to add instant volume

01 Tape In Wavy Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are one of the newest trend of hair extensions on the market. They seem to be one of the most requested method for hair extensions at hair salons all over the world. To meet all demands of customers, tape in hair extensions have a lot of variations when combining with different colors and textures. One of them is Tape in wavy hair extensions. In this blog post, let’s discover their features with us!!!

What are Tape in wavy hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions, be exactly like what they sound, also known as pre-bonded or fusion extensions, use a type of medical adhesive tape to stick them to your own hair. Attached with a special type of hair tape, these wefts are incredibly lightweight. This method places less weight on your hair and allows you to enjoy extensions with no risk of damage. Tape in hair extensions are also rather easy to install and maintain. Just need about half an hour to install and they can last for around three months.

Tape in wavy hair extensions, simply defining, are the combination of tape in method with the wavy texture. To make wavy curls, the artisans would use the steaming method to change the hair texture. Hence, there’s no need to worry about the effect of chemical substances here.

02 Tape In Wavy Hair Extensions

Like almost types of hair extensions, Tape in wavy hair extensions are made from two main kinds of material: Human hair and Synthetic hair.

Human hair extensions overweigh the synthetic fibers thanks to its similarity to the wearer’s natural hair, long lifespan, and good quality. Even though it might cost a little bit more for a virgin hair weave, it is definitely worth investing.

Synthetic tape in extensions, in contrast, seems to look less natural than human hair. The synthetic fibers would go through many chemical processes, so it would negatively affect your real hair. Still, synthetic hair is still a popular choice due to its low price.

Tips to maintain and care for Tape in wavy hair extensions

Like your natural hair, if you don’t have a good hair care routine for your Tape in wavy hair extensions, they can bring you the hairstyle you expect. To achieve the healthy, smooth and impressive hair, consider the following tips:

03 Tape In Wavy Hair Extensions

– Shampoo your hair extensions regularly

It is important to wash your extensions on a regular basis. We don’t mean that you need to wash it as much as your real hair, but it’s better to shampoo it 1-2 times a week. Remember to use specializing shampoo for hair extensions so that it could bring the best effect.

– Wash & condition with sulfate-free products only!

Many of the shampoos and conditioners in the market now contain sulfate. This chemical could dry your hair out. In other words, using Sulfate-contained products would turn your effort to gain smooth and tangle-free hair back to zero.

– Avoid any conditioners near the tape. Conditioners on the tape may cause slippage.

04 Tape In Wavy Hair Extensions

– Try to air dry whenever possible and remember to be gentle when brushing. Start from the bottom up, holding the extensions to avoid pulling. Use the right brush & leave-in conditioners, and shouldn’t brush when the hair is wet.

– Always use a heat protectant before straightening, curling, or using any form of high heat or try to use a medium heat level only. With hair dryers, you can use a diffuser to distribute the heat evenly and avoid it hitting hair strands roughly

– Try not to go to bed with wet hair. Your hair could get frizzy easily just by some ignorance when sleeping. However, if you still want, choose a satin or silk pillow to put your head on to prevent friction. Also, you can braid your hair or use headscarf instead. Braiding would make your wavy extensions keep its shape longer, too!

Reliable site to buy Tape in wavy hair extensions

APOHAIR is one of the leading company in the hair extensions market. All our hair extensions are made 100 % Vietnamese Human Hair. Especially, we don’t use synthetic hair to blend with human hair, don’t use chemicals when processing hair material.

05 Tape In Wavy Hair Extensions

Tape in wavy hair extensions at APOHAIR are always available for you to choose, with many colors and texture variations. To get further information about these hair and other hair extensions, visit our website at APOSTORE.VN. Thank for your support!!!

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