Have You Taken Care of Your Extensions Properly?

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So you’ve been spending quite a large amount of money on things that will work very effectively to beautify your hair- hair extensions. Have you ever worried about the time when that hair product won’t be that good anymore? It depends all on the way you treat your hair extensions.

Here is proper ways to care for hair extensions. Keep scrolling to find out more useful information for your hair and note them down if necessary!

  1. Wash them with gentle

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Because the natural oil of your scalp will not reach the top of hair extensions then they are easy to get dry. You need to wash hem gently so that you can reduce the loss for your hair.

If you choose clip-in hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions, then the required times to wash them is after 6 or 8 times after wearing them. After gentle washing, lay them on the towel and dry them gradually.

  1. Use condition for your hair extensions

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We love straight hair, we love wavy hair or curly hair. Because we have done many styles on that hair, if we don’t take care of them well, they will absolutely be damaged by heat tools.

To keep them shiny and healthy as when they was just bought, use deep condition after washing them to give the moisture. When you do that, your hair extension will look very good and can be of more help to add the volume and shine to your natural hair.

  1. Always keep them tangle-free

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Remember to let your hair extensions dry before brushing them. Because wet hair can cause tangles and breakage. If you use clip-in hair extensions then you should take them out before going to bed to avoid breakage.

Comb your hair extensions for the root to the end. Gently remove all the tangles so that you can reduce hair loss.

  1. Take it off in right way

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If you are having clip-in hair extensions or tape-in hair tensions then you ought to take them off properly to reduce the damage to your hair. You can call for the help from your friend or family member if you get into trouble with taking them off.

To take those kinds of hair extensions out, you should clip your hair into small sections and rub a little oils such as coconut or olive oil to break the bonds easier. Then, softly remove them from your head.


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