How To Take Care Of The Oily Hair In Summer 1
How To Take Care Of The Oily Hair In Summer 1

Summer is the time when oil glands are most active, causing many problems such as hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp and bad smell, especially for people with an oily hair. Then how to minimize the discomfort caused by an oily hair in summer? Let’s see.

How To Take Care Of The Oily Hair In Summer

First of all, in the early summer, you should cut off all the splited ends of the hair. Hair tends to grow faster in the summer, you often cut it, then it will grow back faster.

The next important issue is how to wash your hair? Normally, you will wash your hair every two days, but if your hair is oily, you can wash your hair daily without worrying about losing the shiny. According to hair caring expert, shampooing your hair every day with proper shampoo will help you to control the oil. Shampoo for oily hair need a higher pH than for other type of hair, from 5.5 pH. And remember to rinse thoroughly to clean all shampoo because the remain will easily cause dust and stimulate oil secretion. You can also use conditioner, but it should be only used for the hair in the bottom.

As we know, combing is very good for normal hair when it helps to strengthen the hair. But in contrast, combing aslo helps stimulate the active of oil glands, the scalp produces more oil, therefore, people with an oily hair should limit combing, especially in the summer.

Besides, some natural ingredients can help with treating oily hair. You can wash your hair with tea because it contains tamin or beer is also a good choice to help remove excess oil in the hair. In addition, you can also wash your hair with lemon juice or vinegar to help control the oil. And remember to rinse thoroughly with water.

How To Take Care Of The Oily Hair In Summer 1

If you have to work outdoors, keep the habit of wearing a wide hat to protect your scalp. Before swimming, apply a few drops of conditioner to protect the epidermis and wash it out after that. Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and make sure you always have enough vitamin C, iron, amino acids, fatty acids, omega-threes to hlep your hair healthier and smoother.

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