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Today, curly hairstyles are more and more cherished by women. Curly hair is said to be a flexible hairstyle because it can be suitable for different ages, different face shapes, different skin tones and different occasions.

People, especially women love beautiful things. They all try to keep up with the latest fashion styles which include hairstyles. The fact is that there is a wide range of curly hairstyles for extensions.

Therefore, this post can be considered as a small gift for you to dig up information about the trendiest hairstyles which can go well with your curly hair extensions. Let’s check out.

Cascading and tendril-like curls


A cascading and tendril-like hairstyle is a suitable choice for formal events like proms, weddings, red carpet or night parties. The cascading and tendril-like curls have the ability to soften your facial features. In comparison with short hair, medium length hair and long hair are easier to be styled into cascading and tendril-like curls.

Chin-skimming curly bob hairstyle

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Curly bob with chin length hair (jaw length hair) is the embodiment of the elegance together with gentleness. This hairstyle is a great suggestion for any girl with short hair.

High and tousled curly ponytail

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Rihanna is one of the celebrities who have ever opted for a high and tousled curly ponytail. This hairstyle is also called as a pineapple ponytail or a pineapple updo. So amazing is the hairstyle that it becomes common among girls with curly hair.

Big bold curls

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Big and bold curly hairstyle is quite popular, but it has never gone out of fashion. Anyone who wishes to get rid of thin hair should apply big and bold curly hair extensions as this voluminous hairstyle is capable of adding thickness to your hair.

Short and loose curls

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It is undeniable that short and loose curly hairstyle brings you a bouncy look. This is so versatile that you can wear it everywhere, whether on casual days or in formal events. Especially, you can create short and loose curls yourself at home only by a curling iron instead of being at the hair salon for hours.

Wavy curly hairstyle

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Wavy curly hairstyle is the combination of waves and curls. Although this is a quite trendy and fashionable hairstyle, you have to spend time taking care of your wavy curly hair regularly so that it can be maintained in good shape.

Curly side-swept lob hairstyle

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Thanks to side-swept bangs, the face seems to be elongated as the bangs obscure the jawline and detract the attention from the face’s width. For this reason, anyone with a round face is recommended to go for curly side-swept lob hairstyle.

If you are sick of your old hairstyle, please consider all of our suggested curly hairstyles above. Hopefully, APOHAIR’s hair extensions can be trusted by the customers. We believe that our products can change your look and change your life.


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