Straight drawstring ponytail – Slay it now or never

01 Straight Drawstring Ponytail

Straight drawstring ponytail is now one of the hottest trend in beauty industry. Girls with short and medium length hair especially love to use it to add length and volume to their hair. Not only is drawstring ponytail easy to apply on your head, it’s also transform your appearance in a few minutes. Thus, you if you are in a rush, but still want to look perfectly before going out, straight drawstring ponytail is a great choice. Let learn more about straight drawstring ponytail now to keep updated with the beauty trends.

What is straight drawstring ponytail?

Drawstring ponytail is a type of ponytail using a drawstring to grip the ponytail closely and tightly attach to natural hair. As for straight drawstring ponytail, it’s a type of drawstring ponytail with the straight hair texture. Straight drawstring ponytail styles do not just involve the basic natural straight hair. Ponytail lovers often diverse their concept with kinky straight drawstring ponytail or rock their new sassy and classy image with a long straight drawstring ponytail.

05 Straight Drawstring Ponytail

What type hair should we use for straight drawstring ponytail?

There are now so many drawstring ponytail from synthetic hair available in the market with cheaper price. However, it is better to use human hair drawstring ponytail straight so that the ponytail will look natural as your real hair. It’s also easier to take care of human hair, and you can apply some styling to your ponytail to add something new to your hairstyle.

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02 Straight Drawstring Ponytail

Why should we use straight drawstring ponytail to create a new look?


You can save your time for hair styling since it just takes about several minutes to apply the drawstring ponytail. Besides, it’s really easy to wear and does not require any extra items. Even if you are a beginner, you will not find it difficult to do. The ponytail is also easy to take down. If you are a busy person, this would be perfect item for you.


With human hair drawstring straight, you can make some changes to your ponytail texture to diverse your style. Or else, you can change the way you tie your drawstring ponytail such as high bun, parting the ponytail in both sides, making a wrap bun up, etc.

03 Straight Drawstring Ponytail

A useful way to protect your real hair and scalp

Using straight drawstring ponytail, you will look stylish in all setting. Therefore, you can give your real hair some break from styling, bleaching and dying. The method to wear straight drawstring ponytail is simple and makes no damage to your hair underneath. It also does not put much pressure on your scalp. That’s why it is an effective way to protect your real hair and scalp.

How to wear straight drawstring ponytail to your hair?

As we stated before, the installation process of straight drawstring ponytail is totally not complicated even if it’s your time.

Firstly, put your natural hair into a bun. Then, insert the comb at the top of the ponytail into the top underside of your bun. After that, stretch the ponytail cap over the bun and slide the lower ponytail clip underneath the bottom. Next, pull the drawstring tightly and wind the excess string around your fingers and tuck it underneath the cap. And here you can go out with your new hairstyle.

Something to note down

It’s important to wear the ponytail with the same color with your hair to make it natural. Moreover, you should not make a full bun of your natural hair. The bigger your bun is, the clearer the line of demarcation between your hair and ponytail shows. So, make a smaller bun instead.

04 Straight Drawstring Ponytail

Another point to take notice is to cover the line of demarcation between your hair and the ponytail. Although it still looks great, you can make it more natural by covering the line. After you tuck the excess string under the ponytail, you can use a section of your hair to wrap around the line and secure it with a pin. By this way, no one can tell you are wearing a ponytail in your head.

In this unceasingly developing society, finding a good way to play up your beauty while saving time is always a favorable choice. And thanks to the creation of straight drawstring ponytail, you can take some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Let try it now and see the wonder.


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