Skin weft vs glue-in: weighing cost and care practice for two common hair extensions

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There are many types of weft hair and hair extensions on the market these days. Sometimes this blossoming of choice means more and more are getting used to having some weaves in their beauty cabinet. Though as we all know a busier market and more choice don’t always lead to happy customers. Sometimes more choice means also more misleading marketing material and greater confusion.

This needs not to be the case if you are a reader of my blog. Today let’s have a rundown comparison between the two most common types of weft: glue-in and skin weft. Whether you are thinking about buying weft extensions for a fabulous celebration or just want to add some more volume, we shall explore these two most popular options. Let’s see how they stacked up and if their hypes are worth it.

What are glue-in weft extensions?

02 Weft Extensions

The cheapest form of hair extension but only can be used for the short term. The glue will be applied to the base of the weft, then apply to your hair, section by section until they go to the top. The wefts will last for at least 4 weeks and you may prolong it based on how you style and wash the hair. You also can remove the wefts with an oil-based solvent before the use time for the hair is up. Glue-in weft is usually not recommended as a long term solution. Since you are letting bonding glue touch your scalp, this is not for people with problematic hair or scalp, since the glue may cause irreparable damage to your hair.

What are skin weft hair extensions?

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Some of the newest but also very common types on the hair wefts market. These are usually hairs stick to polyurethane strips. Your weft will either be stuck under a thin section of your natural hair or the hairstylist may let your natural hair be sandwiched between two strips. This mode of attachment is rather quick and easy to be doing. A huge time saver for salon goer. This also would require the least amount of learning curve and training for all the personnel in the salon.

The cost comparison

Cheap but full of surprise

Glue-in weave or quick weave is likely the cheapest form of weft extensions. Their asking price is around 250$ to 600$ depends on the length of the track and the quality. They are cheap not only because of the little material required but also because of the simplicity of the technique.
However, this form of weft extensions doesn’t last as long and you would have to replace them quite often if you want to keep a certain look. Another cost you need to factor in is that the glue might damage your scalp if they touch. This can result in the risk of folliculitis or bacterial infection. The bonding glue used in this process are also not the most friendly when it comes to weak hair

Price may vary greatly on the quality

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The cost of tape-in hair or skin weft hair varies greatly. The asking price can go from 100$ to 2500$. This depends on the quality of the hair as well as the material of the tape and the hair density/thickness. Each tape in weft would usually last for 8 weeks so this might be saving you time and transportation cost in the long run.
This type of hair extensions is also the safest so no hair damage or anything funky might happens down the line. That would mean no surprise cost.

Difference on maintenance

Caring techniques

You can’t wash tape hair after 48 hours of applications. This would quickly loosen the bonds between your natural hair and your weft. You should brush your hair daily, from the roots to the tips, and select the right hair products. This will be explained in detail. For glue in hair, wash your hair with warm water and use high-quality shampoo. Make sure you use the right hair products. Avoid tangling your hair with the weave and use a compatible conditioner afterward. After you have completely dried your hair, use a wide-tooth comb or your hand to smooth out the hair. The tools used should be heavily based on your texture.

Special products for optimum results

03 Weft Extensions

Glue-in weft is usually not too picky in terms of products. I recommend you get compatible products and a cream-based conditioner to be on the safe side.
Tape-in hair would usually need products that are more specific. I would recommend you avoid silicone and oil-based products for the best results.

Choosing the right hair care products and make sure you know the price, the lifecycles, as well as all the other risks when it comes to hair weft, would be a great start for your path of weft ownership. For me between sew in weave and tape-in weft, tape-in weft would easily win in a heartbeat since their quick applications, wide availability, and reusability are some features I would not want to do without. But sometimes I don’t mind a quick curly glue in weave for some instagram worthy moments. After all, I have the experience and expertise and the price point is sweet.


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