Sew in hairstyles and Sew in hair extensions – Something you need to know

sew in hairstyles

Nowadays, sew in hairstyles and sew in extensions are becoming more and more favorite among women who want to add beauty to their hair. With a sew-in weave, you can easily change your length, volume, hair color, and texture with minimal upkeep.

Sew-in weave and sew in hair extensions

A sew-in weave is known as a technique used to add hair extensions to one’s natural hair to create fuller, longer hair. Sew-in hair extensions are achieved by braiding the natural hair into a cornrow pattern and using a sewing needle to sew a weft, or track, of hair extensions.

sew in hair extensions

Basically, sew-in hair extensions are made from human hair, which means that they are the same as your natural hair – good quality but very delicate. To attach sew-in extensions, a stylist braids hair along the scalp, then sews tracks of hair into the braids.

Applying sew in hairstyles

Generally speaking, the sew-in weave application is a very long process (usually several hours). This tight application method often puts a strain on your scalp and can make you feel very heavy or uncomfortable, which is also why it doesn’t work well with thin or lighter hair.

This method is applied by an experienced hairdresser, as it is a very technical and difficult application that needs to be sewn in by a professional. Your stylist creates flat cornrows all over your head and reinforces them with thread before sewing wefts of hair or “tracks” onto the braids. A layer of your own hair is usually left out around the front, sides, and back to give you the option of wearing your hair up.

How long sew in hairstyles can last?

In general, sew-in hair extensions can last up to 6 months but it also depends on how well the hair is and how well you take care of it. With proper care, it can last longer. If you are trying to grow your own hair, It is recommended to remove the weave every 6 – 8 weeks and the maximum amount of time you should have a full weave in your hair is 6 months as it will affect your natural hair’s growth.

Sew in hairstyles from APOHAIR

sew in hair colors

At APOHAIR, 100% our products are made of Vietnamese Remy Human Hair and sew-in hair extensions are also. Apart from sew in weave, our hair extensions are also available for you to choose in bulks, clip-in, tape-in and keratin hair extensions.

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Highlights of Sew in hair extensions

Add volume, length & texture

Very natural & beautiful look

Finest quality inputs & thorough processing

Especially designed to cover your head in a perfect way

Features & Benefits:

Tangle free, silky & soft

Create long-flowing hair

Easy to apply & maintain

Color hair that naturally blends

Further information of Sew in Weave hair from APOHAIR

Texture: Straight, Wavy, and Curly. They are: Straight, Kinky Straight, Yaki Straight, Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy, Water Body Wavy, Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, and Romantic Curly.

Total weight: 100 grams (or up to customer’s demand)

Material: 100 % Vietnamese Human hair

Hair Lengths: 6 inches – 32 inches

Extension color: Wide array: Warm tone – Ash tone, ombre, mix color,…

Lifespan: 1 to 1.5 years, can last longer if maintained well.

Hair standards: APOHAIR is now having 4 main standards for every types of hair: Single Drawn Type 1&2, and Double Drawn Type 1&2

The bottom line: How do you think about sew-in hairstyles and sew in hair extensions? We’d like to hear all your thoughts and experiences with them, so feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. Keep following our website for more tips, news and how-to guides in the next articles. Thank for your time!



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