Quick weave wigs and the best hairstyles for short quick weave

09 Short Quick Weave

If you want to make something new in your style within a short time before going out, you can try to use quick weave wigs. Because of the convenience it brings, quick weave wigs are loved by many wig fans.

The styles for quick weave also varies, from short, long to straight and curly hair. And in this article we will dwell on quick weave wigs and the best hairstyle for short quick weave.

What is a quick weave?

A quick weave is a weaving method in which the wefts of hair are attached directly to a weave cap by using glue. This method enables users to apply at home and easily remove the weave themselves.

Advantages of using quick weave wigs

Firstly, using a quick weave can save time and it does not requires too much items to do. You can take it down at ease. Besides, it is easy to make changes in hairstyles and there are many styles applicable. You also don’t need to worry about the cost of hairstyle maintenance. And if you have been applied so much bleaching, dying and styling to your real hair, using quick weave wigs can give your hair some time off for healing because there will absolutely no damage to your real hair.


Stunning hairstyles for short quick weave you can easily apply

1. Side swept bob

01 Short Quick Weave

Side swept bob can be a good choice for your quick weave. This hairstyle remain the fine texture and a simple length for your hair, brightening things up with a subtle mahogany color. Having a thinner weave will give your skin and rationality sense a necessary break from heavy and long locks.

2. Cute curly top

02 Short Quick Weave

This hairstyle looks really cute with the chunky waves all over the head. You can apply two-toned color in order to make a highlight.

3. Curved inward bob haircut

03 Short Quick Weave

If you are a big fan of short hair, this hairstyle will definitely attract your attention. With this hairstyle, you will need to cut the underneath part of your hair to make it thinner, then the straighter strands will show off your neck line. Looking from one side, you can see the steeply angled front pieces. More importantly, this style can go with any skin tone and face shape; therefore, even if this is your first time cutting off your hair short, don’t be worry as your new beautiful appearance will surprise you.

4. Honey rain down

04 Short Quick Weave

Combining honey color with an A-line weave is an undeniable way to liven up the normal boring hair. You can make it curly or straight at the center or the side part of your hair to alternate the styles whenever you want. You can also add in a little wave angled toward the back of the head to look more special.

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5. Straight to the Point

05 Short Quick Weave

This hairstyle is considered the classic hairstyle for short quick weave. With this style, your hair will be kept straight, thick and face-framing so that you will look younger and more confident.

6. Short Layered Cut

06 Short Quick Weave

If you love keeping your hair color simple and remain the short length, you can try to brighten it with some feathered layers at the top. Especially, this style will create subtle dimension, which is essential for a modern coif.

7. Black and Asymmetrical Bob

07 Short Quick Weave

It is always a smart choice to use the natural color for your hair, so you will not have to worry about blending your leave out. That way you also don’t have to deal with finding the perfect color to match with the extensions or your roots growing out. Moreover, the jet black color is really sleek and sophisticated, which brings you a totally refreshing look.

8. Layered Bob with Bangs

08 Short Quick Weave

This hairstyle can look quite simple; however, short quick weave styles like this one are great choice because as long as your keep your strands secured by a scarf at night, in the morning you will be ready for the day without having to do anything else to your hair.

In this article, we bring more information about quick weave wigs and several beautiful hairstyle for short quick weave. Choose a suitable one and try it now. You will see yourself in a new pretty appearance.

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