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This is the inforamtion about our Vietnam hair extensions. It would be a great honor to bring you, our customers the best hair extensions in the world. The hair that is 100% remy hair with no chemicals or synthetic hair.


Vietnam hair extensions is no longer a new term to many people in the world, especially those who work in hair industry. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful hair in Asia alongside with China hair or India.

As the demand for hair extensions has been increasing rapidly these day, it has been the things which are indispensible to women. As popular as it is, many people still don’t know much about it. Today, let Apohair introduce you one of the gorgeous hair extensions.

What is special about Vietnam hair extensions?

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Vietnam hair extensions implies the hair which is taken from Vietnamese women, especially those who live in the mountainous areas and the countryside. Those people keep their hair all natural with little processing since they were born.

It is the hair that has all features resembling with our alive human hair. It is soft, smooth, soothing and glossy with no tangles, no shedding or insects. You will never find something like synthetic hair or non remy hair in our hair extensions.

The reason why we have such beautiful hair extensions to provide you is that in Vietnam, the diet as well as tropical weather is really favorable for hair growth. Each person hair can grow from 12 centimeters to 14 centimeters depending on the body of them.

Most of the time, the natural Vietnam hair is straight hair, and natural hair. Curly hair is very rare in Vietnam if I don’t want to say that there is no curly hair here. The nature color of the hair is black or dark brown.

What are the types of Vietnam hair extensions?

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There are many types of hair extensions which are made of Vietnam hair. Let’s see each one carefully from the simple one to the most sophisticated hair.

Bulk hair is the hair that is considered to be the simplest hair. It is tied with elastics in the top of the hair. This is the hair which is sold with big quantity. People buy this type of hair to make their own hair extensions or any types of hair products that they want.

The next type of hair must be hair extensions. In terms of hair extensions, Apohair has tape hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, machine weft hair and tip hair extensions. These are the hair which is also called as pre-bonded hair that you can apply to your real hair directly.

Lace hair includes some types such as lace frontal, lace closure and full lace wigs. The hair will be sewn into the lace which forms its styles. Frontal hair and closure can cover a part of your head while wigs is a whole-head hair style.

This is the inforamtion about our Vietnam hair extensions. It would be a great honor to bring you, our customers the best hair extensions in the world. Please remember that we are always ready to serve you. All you need to do is take up your phone and call us.


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