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20 inches Weave Wavy hair- How to Save Extensions for Re-use



  1. Style: Wavy – Super Double Drawn
  2. Length: 20 inch
  3. Weight: 100 gram/ bundle
  4. Color: Color #60, #9C, #5Q, #1A
  5. Quality: 100% Remy Hair
  6. Colors: all the colors are natural can be used for dye with color you want

We are one of the leading companies in Vietnam market. With the big capacity and modern factory system, we are confident to provide the best hair to the clients, meeting all the quality standards even the hardest ones.

Beequeenhair export variety of hair extensions to the world’s market, especially US, UK, Russia, Germany and some other big markets.

In this post, we would like to introduce our machine weft hair. Machine weft hair is a very popular type as it is very easy to apply and remove.

Not only do we provide you some descriptions about 20 inches Weave Wavy hair extension but we will also give you some advice about take care of them.

How to Save Extensions for Re-use

Extensions can be reusable and long-lasting.

Be sure when removing any install not to cut your wefts, this will reduce the chance of shedding and will make it easier to re-install without having to match all the pieces.

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You should cut the line weft out in the same order you have removed them, to make it easier for installation later. Additionally, deep condition your extensions. Conditioning will rid the hair of any dirt, dandruff or oils.

Your extensions are like your hair; it needs care and attention as well. After deep conditioning, your hair, allow it to air dry and then comb through for detangle.

Proper Storage for Weaves and Extensions

Storing your extensions in a dry, safe area is essential to maintaining the integrity of your extensions. Silk Extension Bags can to save your extensions, do an excellent job of protecting extensions from dust, tangling and weather conditions. After drying extensions, secure and then place in a silk bag or scarf.

Taking Care of Natural Hair

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The aftermath of the removal of installations can be daunting. Be prepared for shedding and knots.

If your install is maintained and took down with care, your natural hair should be okay . Be sure to finger detangle your hair, clarify and condition to keep your hair and scalp fresh . Be sure to trim your ends and allow your hair time to breathe. After all, weaves are made to be a fun switch up a good protective style to ensure growth.

Things to Keep in Mind

Weaves are fun but can be damaging to your hair and scalp when installing or removed incorrectly.

If you are unsure or nervous about removing your installation, you can always find a salon and leave removal in the hands of a professional.

A weave removal ranges from thirty to sixty dollars, but you could save that much if you try to study how to remove weave safely on your own.


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