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Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions is made of 100% Vietnam remy hair with no chemicals or synthetic hair. It is all natural that will make you look so beautiful and gorgeous.


Clip in hair extensions is one of many types of Vietnam hair extensions which are supplied by Apohair. Clip in hair is now used by many people in the world due to its convenience.

Often, women choose clip in hair because it is not only beautiful and beneficial to their appearance, but also very affordable and easy to apply. It is much more convenient when it comes to hair application comparing to other types of hair extensions.

You can see the following information to understand more about it.

What is clip in hair extensions?

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Clip in hair extensions is the kind of hair which is made based on machine weft hair. It is made by putting a couple of layers of machine weft hair sewn together. Then, we can attach some clips into to it to help you secure the hair easily. This is how we make clip in hair; you can also make your own one.

Clip in hair, as well as other types of hair, is made of 100% Vietnam Remy hair taken from Vietnamese women real hair. We assure you there is no synthetic hair or non remy hair. It is choosen carefully by our staffs, cleaned and classified.

In Apohair, we always try to keep all of the features of the hair remained the same as real hair. Therefore, our hair extensions looks really natural, soft, smooth and has no tangles, no shedding.

You can find our hair products in many textures as well as colors.

In terms of hair textures, you can choose straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair. To be more specific, straight hair includes yaki straight and kinky straight. Curly hair comprises of deep curly, loose curly, fumi curly, romantic curly, and so on. Wavy hair has natural wavy, body wavy, water wavy and steamed wavy…

When it comes to hair colors, we have quite a wide range of colors for you to choose. It includes some groups of shades such as black, dark brown, light brown, cold colors and blonde.

Our clip in hair extensions is now available with bundles of 100 grams and the lengths from 6 inches to 32 inches.

How can clip in hair extensions be beneficial for you?

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Hair extensions in general, as you probably know,  is used to enhance our hair volume and length. Clip in hair extensions also shares this function.

At the same time, clip in hair has other advantages which you can not find in other types of hair.

First of all, clip in Vietnam remy hair is very easy to use, which helps you to save a great deal of your time for application. Unlike tip hair or weave hair, clip in hair takes only couples of minutes to use. You just need to secure the clips into your real hair.

Second of all, clip in hair is really fit in. No one can recognize that you are wearing hair extensions.

Clip in hair also makes you look healthier and more confident with your volominous  hair.

Clip in hair extensions is one of the best-selling hair in Apohair’s stock. If you have any questions related to it, please let us know.


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