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8 inches Weave wavy hair – The Best Weave for Wavy Hair



Detailed description of the product 8 inches – Super Double Drawn, Weave, Wavy

  1. Style: Straight – Super Double Drawn
  2. Length: 8 inch
  3. Weight: 100 gram/ bundle
  4. Color: Color #1
  5. Quality: 100% Remy Hair
  6. Colors: all the colors are natural can be used for dye with color you want

    What is your best weave wavy hair?

We hear the best sew-in weave question often at our showroom by clients. There are different reasons why the weave is better than others type. Our goal is to offer a broad range of hair types, standard, and origins to meet our client’s needs.

Not everyone needs the highest quality hair. Some just can’t afford it or don’t like paying top dollar for hair that customers change out every two weeks. We get it!

Today I am going to rank the best weave for each standard of Weave wavy so you can make an educated decision for yourself or your clients.


Ranking the Best Standard of Hair Weave!

To rank the hair weave properly, we need to first break it down into four different categories of standard.

The four hair weave styles we are going to rank are:

•        Sing drawn Weave

•        Double Drawn Weave

•        Super Double Drawn Weave

•        Euro Standard Weave

Our rankings cover the broad all of standard in today’s weave market. Many different standard and weave textures will help your client have many different options suited with their hair.

Below we rank the all standard of weave to help you make the right decision for your next purchase.

What is single drawn, double drawnsuper double drawn and Euro standard hair? What is highest quality hair?

The difference among them is the amount of short hair mixed inside the bundles. Single drawn hair has thin end because the amount of short hair mixed inside is the most but super double drawn has very thick end. And Euro standard is highest quality and almost same length. It’s the best quality we have.


Moreover, we use the modern machines to sew in the weft line, it is the reason why the weft line is very strong.

We can supply 8-32 inches, sometime can be up to 40 inches. And we supply natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Loose Wavy and Deep Wavy hair from 100% Vietnamese natural human hair. With one bundle is always 98 – 103 grams normally and moreover we can make according to customer’s request. If you are looking for thick the end, we can offer Super double drawn or Euro Standard. And if you are looking for natural finish thin end, we can offer single drawn or Double Drawn.

Providing many colors and many texture also are our passion in order to meet customer demand. As providing the best price with the best service in high quality, you can be free to ask us. We will help you always to choose best hair suited for you with reasonable priced. Buy Weave Wavy from us now!


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