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8 inches Body Wavy Clip in hair extension – How Stress Can Lead to Hair Loss



8 inches Body Wavy Clip in hair extensionHow Stress Can Lead to Hair Loss

Like as your hair, Our Clip in hair extensions  are 100% REMY HAIR should don’t worry, you can do whatever do you want if you take care of it just like your own hair. … At our shop, are available all kind of Clip in hair extensions for you choose.

Our wavy Clip in hair extensions is shipped to you in its raw state and has not been processed in any way. Our Products is inspected, washed and package before shipping to you. Our wavy Clip in hair products comes in natural black and natural brown. In this post, we provide you some descriptions about 8 inches Body Wavy Clip in hair extension.

Descriptions of 8 inches Body Wavy Clip in hair extension


Hair Weight: 150 grams

Style: Body Wavy

Quality: 100% Remy Human Hair

Color: Medium Brown (Color #8)

Length: 8″ Super Double Drawn

(2) 8 inch weft section with 4 clips

(2) 6 inch weft sections with 2 clips

(4) 4 inch weft sections with 1 clip

Not only do we provide you some descriptions about 10 inches Straight Clip in hair extension but we will also give you some advice about take care of your hair.

How Stress Can Lead to Hair Loss and What to do about It

Stress and hair growth relate in ways that you wouldn’t expect. If you’ve found your hair going through some unusual changes, it may be time to analyze whether you’re going through some stress in your life.

Have you noticed that more of your hair is shedding as you maintain it? Has your scalp recently become very itchy and dry? Have you felt the need to visit a dermatologist due to some newly found symptoms that are affecting your hair? There are so many different ways that stress can affect hair, and we’re about to give you the inside scoop.

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When people think of stress and hair, their thoughts often lead them straight to hair loss. Typically hair loss is one of the key identifiers that stress is messing with your style.

An acute psychological or physical stress such as a significant injury, death in the family, the birth of a new child, or a divorce can cause powerful effects on the body. Stress from events like this can cause hair to fall out in chunks potentially.

Minor issues such as starting new medications, or starting a new diet, can cause your hair to shed, and harm your hair growth journey. It’s always suggested to visit a doctor before making any significant dietary changes.

If you’ve ever experienced your hair falling out in clumps, you’re not alone. This is a temporary condition called Telogen Effluvium. This stage usually begins around the time of the trauma and causes hair growth to halt, and shift to the resting phase suddenly.

As ordinary human beings, we all experience shedding. In fact, we usually lose about 100 hairs per day. Given the amount of hair we have, that’s not too much to fret over. However, when experiencing this condition that affects hair growth, our standard shedding rate can double or even triple, depending on the stress we’re experiencing.

Telogen Effluvium can last two to six months, and with hair growth, your hair may take up to 18 months to completely grow back. If you’re dealing with this condition, which is temporary and only heightens within stressful circumstances, you’ll need to learn useful ways to combat it.

How to Combat It

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The first step is to manage the stress in your life. Any additional burden will only push your recovery time and cause you to lose more hair. If it’s possible, try to remove all stressors from your life. Typically during high-stress periods of life, we’re suffering from a vitamin deficiency as well. Make sure that you take your needed vitamins, visit your doctor, and do your best to be as healthy as possible.

During this period of hair loss, avoid heavy hair products as they can weigh your hair down, and cause it to be thinner. Be gentle when caring for your hair during this time to avoid losing more hair, and most importantly, be patient with your hair and yourself. We all suffer from stress, but as long as we take care of ourselves as we go through the motions, we can manage it and experience hair growth more efficiently.

Have you experience significant hair loss or growth? What has been your experience? Share your story with us in a comment below. Also share this article with anyone you know that could be experiencing hair loss.


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