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Our hair extensions is exactly what you need for your appealling appearance.

It is 100% human hair with no mix, no chemical substance that can be harmful to your health.

It is soft, smooth with no tangles, no shedding or insects inside.



You have a short hair and want to have a long hair to look great on your birthday next week? Or your hair is thin or dry and you want to cover it immediately? Weave hair extension will help you make it come true! Weave hair is an effective solution to help you have a new hairstyle without damaging your natural hair.


APO Hair supplies weave hair from 6 to 32 inches, even up to 40 inches. Each bundle of weave hair comes in 100g with a logo on it and packed carefully in a plastic bag.

A 32 inches weave wavy hair will come a litlle over your butt. You may think this hair length is not popular, but in fact, APO Hair sell a lot of this hair length each month. With wavy texture, the hair will look a little shorter than natural straight hair.

What is the advantage of a long hair?

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  • You have more chances to style your hair: you can make a lot of hairstyles with a long hair.
  • Most guys love it: Many guys are attracted by girls with a long hair, they said it makes girls look sexier.
  • Feel warmer in winter: A long hair will keep you warm in winter, it roles as a coat your your head and your neck.
  • Fit most face shape: A short hair may fit a certain face shape, but a long hair will match eaiser with women face shapes and it can be changed easily to fit your face features.

Why you should choose a wavy hair?

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  • Wavy hair helps you look youthful. You will look full of energy with a soft wavy hair.
  • It’s easy to style. People with wavy hair don’t need to go to salon to style the hair, you can find many ways to style your wavy hair right at home. Just with some simple steps to have a beautiful look.
  • Your hair looks thicker. Surely, with the same volume, a wavy hair will look much thicker than a straight one. And in fact, it is an effectively way that is adviced by hair stylists to help your hair look fuller.

Although it’s great to own a wavy hair but to help the curls keep its original shape for a long time, you can follow these tips:

  • Try and use a light shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use a blow drier with a diffuser to dry your hair.
  • Choose a good finishing spray for keeping curls last longer.
  • Avoid using styling tools with high heat which can cause split ends and damage to the hair.
  • Use protecting spray before applying styling tools.
  • Do not brush your hair with a comb when the hiar is dry. Only detangle the hair when it is wet with your fingers.
  • Do not let the hair expose to the sun, use a hat or umbrella as well as sunscreen when going out to avoid damaging the hair.


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