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Our hair extensions is exactly what you need for your appealling appearance.

It is 100% human hair with no mix, no chemical substance that can be harmful to your health.

It is soft, smooth with no tangles, no shedding or insects inside.



Owning a long curly hair is always a desire of many women, but to grow such a long hair is not easy. That is the reason why not many people have a long hair, especially curly hair. However, with weave hair extension from APO Hair, now you can own a desirale long curly hair just in some hours of applying.


APO Hair is a hair supplier, located in Vietnam which supplies 100% Vietnamese human hair worldwide for many years, we also give our customers the best qualified products and recieve the absolute truth from clients.

32 inches hair is the maximun length that we have on the pricelist, but if customers want the longer sizes, we can still make it. A 32 inches curly weave hair will reach nearly your waist. If will look amazing if you have an ideal height.

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How to choose most suitable length of the hair extension?

  • Height: Your own height is a big factor in your decision for the length of your hair extensions. Normally, when choosing a length, many people forget that your height will impact the overall look of your hair extensions. Surely, the same length hair will look different on 2 girls with different height.
  • Styling: Another factor to consider is the textures that you are planning to purchase. Obviously, a straight, wavy and curly hair will come to other positions on your body. And a curly hair will look shorter than a straight hair does with the same length.9 2
  • Future trimming: Many women will not want to keep a hairstyle for a long time, they will want to change it after a time of using. Then, if you are going to change you hair style in the future, you should choose a long hair extension because the longer your hair extensions are, the more styling opportunities you will find.
  • Cost: Another factor can influence your decision is the price of the hair extension. The price of a 32 inches weave curly hair extension will be higher than that of a 30 inches weave curly hair extension. Therefore, depend on your budget to select a suitable length.

If your finance is abundant, you should purchase for a 32 inches weave curly hair because in the future, if you are bored with the present hairstyle, you can totally trim the hair to have a new hairstyle. So, you will have a new hair costing no money. However, a long hair means you will also have to take more time to take care of  it. It may be much more easier with a short hair but a long hair will bring you things that a short hair can not, right? Just do what you want, choose the length that fit you the most to actually brighten whenever you appear. In addition, do not forget to treat your hair extensions well to help it last for a long time, even for years with different styles without damaging.


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