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Our hair extensions is exactly what you need for your appealling appearance.

It is 100% human hair with no mix, no chemical substance that can be harmful to your health.

It is soft, smooth with no tangles, no shedding or insects inside.



Weave hair is a familiar item with many women all over the world. APO Hair supplies weave hair with big quantity each month, our customers come from many regions around the world: America, Europe, South Africa and Asia as well. Weave hair in APO Hair can be made from Virgin hair or Remy hair. Both of them are 100% human hair, the only difference is that virgin hair is just cut from one donor and remy is mixed from many donors however the hair is full cuticle and it runs in the same direction.


What is the difference between Wavy and Curly hair?

Up to now, many people still think that wavy hair and curly hair is the same, however, actually, they are different in textures. Wavy will settle into an “S” shape rather than tight curls. Besides, it also falls into a zigzag pattern. On the other hand, the curl locks of curly hair is much tighter than that of wavy hair. Wavy hair is often thought of as coarse in texture, but it is actually very soft. APO Hair now supply wavy hair with 5 main rextures: Natural wavy (no processed), loose wavy, body wavy, water body wavy and deep wavy.

Natural wavy is our natural hair like natural straight hair, it is orignally cut from the head and no processing. The other wavys are made by hot-steamed, and the curls can last for a long time.

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A 30 inches weave wavy hair will reach to your butt. The wavy texture will look more softer than a curly one. With this hair, you can make a low or high ponytail as well as braiding. There are many types of braid that you can make with such a 30 inches weave wavy hair. And all these hairstyles can be made simply with an elastic. What is more amazing when with only one weave, you can make many types of hairstyles! You won’t have waste a lot of money on salon for your favorite hairstyle and no need to cut off your natural hair. Human weave hair extension will mix well with your natural hair to give you the most natural look.

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APO Hair supply wavy hair with more than 30 one shade colors from natural black color to light blond color. In addition, we also make it with ombre colors and highlight colors, mixing between dark shades and light shades will be fantastic. Mixing colors are also the hot trend this year. You can order our colored weave hair or even natural lack hair and dye it by yourself to get your desired color. Because weave hair from APO Hair is made from 100% remy hair and virgin hair, it can be bleach to blond color with good technology.

The wavy texture will not broken after washing, you can use some haircare products to help the hair soft and shiny. Moreover, it’s important to give your wavy hair a deep conditioner twice a month, to having the best look.


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