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With the continuous development of hair market, you can easily find for yourself a type of hair extension, but to have a good human hair extension, you must find a good hair supplier. APOHair has more than 10 years experience of supplying human hair extension, we always guarantee the quality of our products.



Most of weave hair are made of remy hair which is the highest grade of human hair available in the hair market. In addition, remy hair lasts longer, keeps vitality and shine, and is easier to maintain.

How to choose the best weave hair extension?


When looking for the best weave hair extensions, you should check whether they are made with natural human hair or synthetic materials. Not only human hair extensions will last longer, it will also look like your natural hair and can be styled freely. And of course, everyone will be comfortable when using human hair extension.

On the other hand, you cannot use heat with synthetic hair. You will have to say no with hair dryer, straighteners or any other styling tools. However, natural hair can withstand any heat application. You can make a beautiful curl or straighten your hair if you want. If you are not sure if the hair extensions that you choose are natural or not, just send an email to the seller to find out where they get their hair from.

If you choose to buy weave hair extension from APO Hair, you don’t need to worry that you will get a synthetic hair or a poor quality product because we always guarantee our product’s quality. Come with APO Hair, you will get the best quality hair extensions.

Why you should choose a 30 inches weave hair?


If you want to own a long hair to look more charming or your natural hair is curly, then no choice is better than a 30 inches weave curly hair. Just because when choosing a hair extension, it is important to make sure that they perfectly blend with your natural hair. Surely, that includes matching the texture, as well.

Each type of hair extensions will be only suitable for several hair textures. For example, Vietnamese hair will fit any texture from straight, wavy to curly. In any case, if you apply hair extensions that do not follow the texture of your natural hair, your hair can even look like a mess.

Therefore, you should touch your hair and try to find a type of hair extension which will match it the most. If your hair is curly, then don’t take a straight extension unless you want to experiment. In that case, you can wear the curly human hair extensions.

A 30 inches weave hair will reach to your waiste and it will surely bring you the best look than ever. Let’s contact us right now for more information.


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