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Our hair extensions is exactly what you need for your appealling appearance.

It is 100% human hair with no mix, no chemical substance that can be harmful to your health.

It is soft, smooth with no tangles, no shedding or insects inside.



Weave curly hair from APOHair is made directly from natural straight weave hair which is strong and healthy enough to go through the hot-steamed process without damaging. After the process, the curly hair is still shiny with bouncing locks.

Because weave hairs in APOHair are made from 100% Vietnamese human remy hair, it is not difficult to release that the hair is different from weave hair made from synthetic hair. The hair looks much more natural and is easily styled with heated tools without afraid of melting.


A 30 inches weave curly hair will reach a little over the middle of your back. It is the perfect length for styling because you can make a lot of hair styles with this size of the hair. Unlike short hair extension, with a 30 inches weave curly hair, you will look super prominent and charming.

APO Hair now supplies weave curly hair with 4 main textures:

  • Loose curly
  • Curly
  • Deep curly
  • Romantic curly

Depending on your demand or your face features to choose a suitable curls for yourself. Each curls will have its own beauty, giving you an unique look. You can also get all of these curls to change styles when you want. With curly hair in APO Hair, you can use for up to 4 years with a good care condition.

Tips to have a strong curly hair

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  • Choose a suitable haircare product for your hair: In fact, the majority of shampoos contain detergents which strip the moisture of your hair, and the majority of conditioners only cover the hair rather than infuse it inside, thus causing hair dry and unhealthy. This is especially true for curly hair since it is most likely to dryness!
  • Choose a suitable brush: You may read this in all articles of haircare, and you may think that it’s not important! Actually, brushing the hair will expand and fan out the curls as well as ripping the protective cuticle layer of the hair, causing frizz and damage to the hair. Using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers while the hair is wet helps easily detangle hair while setting the shape without causing breakage.
  • Deep conditioner mask: Curly hair naturally lacks of moisture, so keeping the hair properly conditioned and hydrated is a must. Taking care of the curls with a weekly deep conditioning mask is extremely essential.
  • Use a refresher spray: Curl hairs are naturally dehydrated and don’t need to be washed daily. Washing hair too often can lose the natural oils on the hair. Instead, using a refresher spray will help to reactivate the products already in your hair while calming frizz on the next days.

With the same type of hair, someone can use it just in a month, but the others can use it for several years, so why? It’s your caring which determine how long your hair will last. Always take care of your hair with the best condition to help your hair healthy over times.


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