Clip-in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to achieve a long, full and thick hair in just minutes, with no damage to your natural hair. They can be worn every day to add a charming to your daily look or for special occasions like weddings or birthdays party. You can wear a full set, or just a few small pieces, depending on your hairstyle and fullness.

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Normally, the longer the hair is, the thinner it is. Then for women who own a long and thin hair, or those who have a short hair but want to get a thick hair just in a moment, you can choose our 30 inches clip-in hair.

A 30 inches clip-in hair extension can reach to your butt. With this length, you will look definitely charming.

You can also dye or make curls to help your hair look more trend and fashional. Now, APO Hair supplies more than 30 colors with different textures for clients to choose.

And if you want to dye or style the hair by yourself , you should consider some tips below:

  • The color of the hair extensions should be the same with your natural hair. Otherwise, it will come in many shades.
  • Use styling tools with low heat to avoid damaging the hair. You should also combine with spray gel to protect your hair in the process of styling.

What is the weight of one clip-in set?

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One set of clip-in can come in many weight with on piece or several pieces. APO Hair can make clip-in with 100g, 150g, 200g and so on. Dependings on your demand and hair status that you can choose a suitable weight. The length of the weft can be up to 40cm with 4-5 clips on it.

A set can also come in many pieces: 5 pieces, 7 pieces or 9 pieces with one, two, three or four clips on each piece.

Like other types of human hair extensions, if you want your clip-in hair extension last for a long time, you will need a proper care. And you should follow these below tips:

  • Use the right brush: When brushing your hair, don’t start from the root, just start brushing about an inch from the top of the hair and only use a wide-teeth brush. This will help prevent the hair from pulls and snags.
  • Do not wash too much: Hair extensions don’t need to be washed often, because washing them too much will make them get damaged faster and it’s just not necessary.
  • Air drying: Never put a hair dryer to your hair extensions to keep them soft and prevent damage. If you let them just air dry over night on the towel, they will have a much longer lifespan.
  • Store them carefully: Put your hair extensions away neatly at night. You should also find a container or box to put them in nicely and make sure that they are neat. Besides, you also need to keep them away from heat or cold.


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