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24 inches weave straight hair

24 inches weave straight hair is supplied by Apohair – one of the most prestigious companies in Vietnam. The hair is not only beautiful but also very affordable.



The company has been working as hair wholesale vendors for many years and bringing the most beautiful hair extensions for many people.

Although, there have been numerous people who are using hair products everyday, not all of them know about hair extensions.

The good news is you have come to the right place because this article will help you to do that.

What you should know about 24 inches weave straight hair?

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24 inches weave hair is the hair which is 24 inches in the length. It is long enough to reach the middle of your back. Girls with this length of hair is so beautiful and stunning when they go out.

The hair is weft together in one line, so it looks so neat and genuine. As a result, it is very convenient to apply as well as to bring with you. It is also called as machine weft hair.

Our hair is totally remy hair with full cuticles and is arranged in the same directions. You can feel it softness and smoothness when you touch it.

We clean the hair carefully and classify it into some standards such as:

  • Single drawn quality type 1
  • Single drawn quality type 2
  • Double drawn quality type 1
  • Double drawn quality type 2

Single drawn hair type 1  is the most simple hair with both short strands and long strands in the same bundle. Its thickness is not equal in different parts of the hair.


Double drawn quality type 2 hair on the other hand is the hair which has same length hair, thus, its thickness is equal. It is also the most beautiful and expensive hair extensions.

24 inches weave straight hair is offered with many colors.

  • Dark colors: black, brown, light brown
  • Bright colors: yellow, light yellow, blonde…
  • Mix colors: ombre, highlight, mix color…

Besides, there are many other colors that you can order any colors that you want.

In addition to this, if you don’t like weave hair that much, we also offer tip hair, tape hair and clip in hair extensions for you. The length available is not just 24 inches, we have hair from 6 inches to 32 inches.

24 inches weave straight hair is now becoming more popular among young people. It helps to enhance women’s appearance and confidence. We, Apohair is always there to help you to have the most beautiful hair with cheap price. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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