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Our hair extensions is exactly what you need for your appealling appearance.

It is 100% human hair with no mix, no chemical substance that can be harmful to your health.

It is soft, smooth with no tangles, no shedding or insects inside.



It can be said that weave hair extensions (machine weft hair extensions) are the most popular hair extensions for women, especially in Africa and America. And APO Hair is the best hair supplier of weave hair extensions in Vietnam.

With 22 inches weave hair (55 cm) from APO Hair, customers are supposed to have a medium-length hair which is not too short or too long. 22 inches curly weave hair will tend to fall around your armpit which makes your hair look so natural and never go out of fashion. It will feel and look just like your natural hair, creating a style with natural movement.


Many hairstyles can be created with 22 inches curly weave hair like a high or low ponytail, you will look fabulous. Or you can make some tiny curls, the hair ends will create a pretty look. Moreover, 22 inches curly Vietnamese machine weft hair can be washed and styled or curled with heated tools without damage.

How to use a weave hair?

A new hair weave is a great way to set up your new style, and give you a new look. You can bring the weave to the hair salon and ask them to make it for you. On the other hand, if you do not want to go to the salon to make your weave done, you can do it by yourself at home with the right tools, following these steps:

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  • Wash your hair as normal, make sure that your hair is totally dry before starting.
  • Braid your head to create a base for sewing your weave.
  • Sew your weave in layers around your natural hair. You have to make the first braid wrapped around the outer edge of your face, head, and to the nape of your neck. And then the perimeter braid will start on either side of the part. Make the braid as tight as you can, and as close to your scalp as you’re able to. Continue the center braid with a lace closure.
  • Finish your braids. Cut and style your weave to have a perfect hairstyle. And to maintain the weave textures, you should notice that do not wash your weave hair too often.

Some notes for taking care of curly hair:

In fact, curly hair requires some special considerations when caring. Because curly hair tends to be drier and getting tangles than natural straight hair, you will have to be careful about washing, conditioning, and styling your hair. You should avoid washing your hair regularly, and remember to use products to keep your hair moisturized. In addition, you should only cut your hair when necessary with a dry cut.

When drying your curly hair, you can use a T-shirt instead of a tower since it can irritate your hair, causing frizz. Besides, brushing your hair is also a thing that you should avoid, only detangle your hair with fingers or a wide-tooth brush to make sure you do not break the hair locks.


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