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Weave hair extension is surely not a strange term for many people but for those who tend to use hair extensions for the first time, it may be very difficult for them to define it. Therefore, before finding more information about 20 inches weave curly hair, let see the definition of a weave hair.



What is a weave hair?

A weave hair or machine weft hair is a type of hair extensions which is made from bulk hair (hair is just originally cut from donors and tied with elastics) by sewing hair  strands together with the help of machines. Weave hair is the best method to help women with a thin hair gain the desired volume with some simple steps. Weave hair can bring you a natural look, like your real hair.


20 inches weave curly hair from APO Hair

A 20 inches weave curly hair can reach over your armpit. This is one of the best sellers in APO Hair. The curls are made carefully by hot-steamed and can last for a long time with a good care, even after washing. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair extensions won’t be got tangle after several times of using.

We always choose the best hair strands to make the curls. With high technology, the curls are made in the shortest time and with best quality.

The weave hair can be applied on your head easily by braiding your natural hair first and then sew the weave hair on the braid around your head.

There are many hairstyles can be done with a 20 inches curly hair like a low or a high ponytail. Besides, you can use some accessories to look more attractive.

Tips for taking care of curly hair extensions


Unlike like natural straight hair, curly hair requires more careful skills in caring. Because curly hair is easy to be drier and getting tangles, you should have some special treatment.

Firstly, you should avoid washing your hair regularly, and remember to use conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. Brushing your hair is also a thing that you should avoid, only detangle your hair with fingers or a wide-tooth brush to make sure you do not break the hair locks.

Secondly, do not use styling tools at high temperature. Even with your natural hair, using heat can damge your hair faster. If you want to restyle the curls, you can use hair rollers or protective gel before applying styling machines and only keep it at a low heat.

Finally, remember to use sunscreen for your hair whenever you go out. Even it is not sunny, your hair can still be broken by UV rays and the best way to protect your hair from them is to cover the hair with a thin lay of sunscreen.


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