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Vietnamese human hair extensions are more and more popular with many countries around the world. It is not surprised when Vietnamese hair becomes so well-known because it has a really good quality with a reasonable price.



On the hair market now, there are many types of human hair extensions for you to choose like clip-in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, ponytails, prebonded hair extensions but machine weave hair seems to be still the best seller and this is also true in APO Hair.

Each month, APO Hair produces and sells upto tons of weave hair. All the hair are 100% pure human remy and virgin hair in which the hair strands run in the same direction with full cuticles.


How a 18 inches weave curly hair look like?

Weave curly hair from APO looks like a natural hair when made from 100% Vietnamese human hair. The curly hair are made by hot-steamed at a proper temperature to create a very nice curl.

The curls can last well from 6 months to one year, even more. The lifespan of the curls will depend on how you treat them. With a good care the hair can last for several years.

A 18 inches curly weave hair will be a perfect shoulder length hair for any girl who wants a hair which is not too short or too long.

Types of curls: Now APO Hair supplies 4 main types of curly textures:

Deep curly

Romantic curly

Fumi curly

Loose curly


Each type of curly has its own beauty, depend on your interest to choose a curly hair which will bring you the best look. Besides natural color, you can choose other colors like black, dark brown, light brown, dark blonde, light blonde or even highlight and ombre color. What is more perfect when you have a colored curly hair from APO Hair!

How to help the curls last longer?

As meantioned above, the daily care affects your curls a lot. Then having a good care will be the key to help the curls last for a long time.

  • Only brush the hair when it is wet and only use comb for hair extensions or a wide-tooth comb to detangle.
  • You should apply a deep conditioner at least once a week. It will help add moisture to every strands so that the hair will look smoothier and silky.
  • Washing too much can break the curls and make the hair dry, so avoid washing your hair extension so often, only wash it when necessary.
  • Do not let the hair expose to the sun which can cause split ends and damage the curls seriously.
  • Keep the hair neatly when going to Instead of using a cotton pillow, you should use a satin one to avoid causing tangles.


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