Nowdays, using hair extension is not something strange with everyone, especially for women. Human hair extension is particularly suitable for those who are not satisfied with their real hair, want to improve it or those who have medical problems. And using human hair extension is the best and fastiest way to help your hair look longer and thicker or reach your desired style in a very short time. In which, we can not miss clip-in hair extension. In this article, we will introduce you one of the most popular length of clip-in hair extension that APO Hair is supplying: 18 inches clip-in hair extension.


18 inches clip-in hair extension from APO Hair Company

APO Hair company applies high-tecnical equipments in processing hair extension which is recognized by thosands of clients, we uses 100% Vietnamese human hair with super double drawn quality to make clip-in hair extensions. Therefore, the hair looks very full and matches perfectly with your natural hair. And a 18 inches clip-in hair extension with natural straight texture will reach to the middle of your back.

The difference between human hair extension and sythetic hair

Human hair extension is a type of human hair weave which is made from 100% human hair. The hair can be dyed or bleached in any shades without fading, styled with hot tools, washed, and treated like your real hair. In addition, human hair extensions can last for years, even longer if you have a proper care. On the contrary, sythetic hair extension is easy to be frizzy and the color will be faded after a period of time. Besides, they are more sensitive to the sun and more difficult to style, make curls or blend.

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Another problem is that human hair extensions is very comfort to wear, but synthetic hairs are produced with chemical materials, so your skin can get itching and allergic reactions when using.

To check if your hair extension is human hair or synthetic hair, you can burn it on fire, use straightener or wash it.

How to wear it?

Step 1: Part your hair wherever you want to add hair extensions.

Step 2: Use a single clip to hold the hair section in place.

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Step 3: Select the clip-in hair that will best fit that section. If your clip-in hair extensions have only one clip each, you can apply two wefts for the first section of hair. And remember to space the clips about two inches apart.

Step 4: Use small hair elastics to tie each section of hair with the same distance apart as the extension clips. The elastics will prevent the clips from dropping off from your hair.

Step 5: Secure the weft clip on the top of the elastic and snap closed.

Step 6: Once all clips are snapped closed, smooth out the hair with your fingers or a brush.

Step 7: When you finish the first weft, create the next section of hair until all clip-in hairs are applied on your head.


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