Ombre crochet hair – The marvelous combo of hairstyle and color

04 Ombre Crochet Hair

Crochet hair has made a huge comeback in the beauty industry and now the most popular protective hair style thanks to its scalp-friendly styling method. And along with the strong develop of the hair industry, crochet braids are also much easier to apply with the pre-styled hair like twisted or curled braids and diverse color options. Today, we will find out more about the ombre crochet hair, the combo of the hottest hair coloring and the never untrendy hairstyle.

What is special about ombre crochet hair?

Crochet is a popular elegant hairstyle that suits and woman. This hairstyle is often known as a protective hairstyle because of the fact that it gives your natural hair some break from styling and does not put much tension on your scalp. With crochet braids, we will braid the hair into cornrows, which is similarly to weaving technique. However, with crochet braids, instead of sewing the hair, we use a crochet needle to thread the braids together and secure them using a twist and knot method.

Ombre crochet hair, as its name states, is crochet hairstyle with ombre color. Ombre itself shines in every hairstyle due to the blending of the two colors which creates the beautiful shades in one’s hair. And when combing with crochet hair, it looks more brilliant thanks to the special texture of the crochet braids.

02 Ombre Crochet Hair

Ombre crochet braid hair will bring you a major change with the fresh, youthful and brilliant look under the sunlight of the summer. Besides, the different shades of the color blended together will give a stylish touch to your hair while highlighting the extra visual depth. You will shine up brightly among the crowd with this hairstyle.

Moreover, the making process is not difficult at all. You can do it yourself at home with some basic tool to make crochet braids like your packs of hair, crochet needle, hair bands and scissors.

Which ombre color suits crochet hair?

01 Ombre Crochet Hair

The answer is it depends. You are free to be creative in choosing the blending colors, but some factors should be put into consideration such as your skin type, face shape, work environment and so on. You can ask for advice from a hairdresser or some friends who have deep knowledge in hair texture and style.


What type of hair should we use for ombre crochet hair?

Although there are so many types of synthetic hair available in the market at cheaper price, we highly recommend you to use human hair to create ombre crochet braid hair for the perfect result. Firstly, it is because human hair looks more natural. It also allows users to change the hair texture while it is hard to do so with synthetic hair. Besides, human hair is more versatile, and you can make some adjustment to have more styles. Especially, human hair does not require high cost of maintenance and can be reused for many times.

At APO, we have a variety of human hair with good quality. Let check our online store HERE and find out.

How to take care of ombre crochet braid hair?

Moisturizing spray is definitely the first thing to mention. It will help you to moisture your crochet braid and scalp. You can also apply oil or conditioner once a week to keep the ombre crochet braid hair in the best state.

05 Ombre Crochet Hair

Ombre crochet hair is a wise choice if you want to remove your old hair routine and make something new to your appearance. Just give it a try and you will surely not regret. We hope that you can rock your summer with your new look.

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