New Styles for Your Hair


Have you ever been in a shortage of hairstyles ideas? This post will help you deal with that because followings are hot and trendy hairstyles you may fall in love with.

Don’t worry if your natural hair gets any problems because for whatever hairstyle you want, hair extensions will be a useful supporter in enhancing your hair look. Long hair, short hair, don’t care, just go for it!


Keep scrolling to find out your favorite gorgeous hairstyle.

  1. Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

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This short hairstyle of Cozi Zuehlsdorff is super impressive and stunning.  The pixie cut will be suitable for those with pretty facial features because it can help to spot them. If you want something that is totally new, you should consider this.

The bangs in this hairstyle is forward-swept so that they can frame your face better. For this, you can use clip-in hair extensions as temporary fringe if you don’t really want to cut your hair.

  1. Medium straight bob hairstyle

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This can be considered as a classic bob but it still helps Genevieve Buechner look gorgeous and stunning in this style. The hairstyle will look best for those who own thick and straight hair.

But if you don’t, you can wear clip-in or tape-in hair extensions that are made from human hair to add the volume to your hair. This classic bob will be more impressive if your hair is over chin-length.

People with oval face shape are the most suitable for this medium straight hair. There’s no reason for you to not to try out this bob hairstyle because it is an easy-to-do hairstyle and even more it gives you a very modern look.

All of your facial features can be show off perfectly in this straight hair.

  1. Short straight layered bob hairstyle

4 3

The main actress of the movie ‘’ Not Another Teen Movie’’- Chyler Leigh West looks very special and distinctive in this short, straight hair. this hairstyle is hot and trendy which gives you a modern look.

To have that style, grow your bangs to a certain length, which can be chin-length or even shoulder-length then straighten it and sweep them to the side. Dark color like Chyler in this pic are the best for this short hairstyle.

This short hair can suit any ages and face shapes so it is quite safe for you to try it out. Regular trims will be needed for this hairstyle to work out well.

There are many ways and things to do with hair extensions to make you look interesting and pretty every day. People around you won’t get bored with your hairstyle if you have hair extensions because you can transform yourself day by day.

To help you achieve your beauty goals, our hair company- Apohair Extensions Brand are very proud to bring to you high-quality hair extensions, which are all made out of human hair.

They are Virgin air extensions and Remy hair extensions which can help you make the best of your hair look by adding length and volume to your natural hair.

You should have a try on them and don’t be surprised about their effects on your appearance.


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