Natural wavy hair: Shining from the simplest things

Natural Wavy
Natural Wavy

In recent years, young people have gradually preferred natural wavy hair over straight hair. This hairstyle is a lot of girls’ love and choice. It is transformed into many unique styles such as small waves, big waves. You can easily choose the hairstyle that suits your face shape.

This hairstyle is also never out of fashion, Korean stars are also very fond of this hairstyle because they accentuate their faces without having to be too picky. In addition, you can coordinate with many styles from personality, simple to sexy, seductive.

Read the article below to learn more about natural wavy hair and how to care for it!

01 Natural Wavy
01 Natural Wavy

Short wavy hair

Because short hair works to cover the corners of the face, it is very effective in “shrinking”, it creates a slimmer and sharper face than any other change. If you also have a round face, the short natural wavy hair below will help you feel more confident. You can dye as on photos or light tones, choose a thin roof or long roof… depending on your preference, you will look extremely outstanding. This hairstyle suits many different styles and brings personality and dynamism. So perfect and in line with the prevailing trends, you’re sure to be impressed.

Shoulder wavy hair

It is not natural that shoulder-length wavy hairs are always sought after by girls. This hair trend is easy to apply to every face shape and also brings a modern and trendy look to all girls. Shoulder-length wavy hair is one of the hairstyles considered to help change appearance the fastest. If you have shoulder-length hair, why not try this hairstyle right away? It will make you really different, this change will increase the attention of others to you. With this hair, you still retain the feminine but no less personality, dynamic.

02 Natural Wavy

Long wavy hair

Traditional long hair will make you ten years younger. So, why you don’t try changing your appearance with a sweet and wavy hair color according to the hairdresser’s guide? The soft curls will help your hair become softer and sexier. Besides, the face is also the most beautiful and delicate. With this hair and a little seductive red lipstick will make you become more sparkling than ever, attracting all eyes.

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How to care natural wavy hair?

These hairstyles after being done without proper care will be very easy to ugly, fibrous and can no longer hold the folds. Therefore, you need to know some tips to keep hair and care effectively to make your hair always keep bobbing, shiny like when doing it.

Don’t wash your hair many times a week

Only wash your hair with shampoo twice a week. Instead, wash your hair with water, then use conditioner to condition your hair. In the process of shampooing, create a foam first and then rub on the hair, gently massage to the hair to wash away, avoid applying shampoo directly on the hair.

Let hair dry naturally

03 Natural Wavy

Wavy hair requires high care. One way to keep your hair sticky is to give up the hairdryer. Using a hair dryer will make your hair dry and damaged. Therefore, using a dryer more is not a good choice for girls with wavy hair.

Create recurring styles

This is how to keep the wavy hair required to do every day so that the curls are always clear and in order, not tangled or fibrous. Usually, girls will use curling plots, this method is not harmful to hair, easy to do but only to be for a few hours. However, it can be kept for days if you use hairspray spray or use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter.

04 Natural Wavy
04 Natural Wavy

In addition, you also need to choose a prestigious hair salon because these hairstyles are difficult to make. If you choose at an unprofessional hair salon, your hair may get ruffled, damaged, or very quickly back to its original state.

Taking care of natural wavy hair is really not easy at all. Hopefully, with this wavy haircare article, you will have beautiful, soft and strong hair. If you find this article helpful, leave a comment or click HERE for regular beauty news updates.


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