Must-have wig accessories you should never ignore

01 Wig Accessory

Like other types of hair extensions, wigs often need the existence of a set of wig accessory to maintain their lifespan as well as to secure a natural look. So today, we bring you some suggestions for the necessary items you should own now. 

Specialized shampoo and conditioner

Washing your wig will add shine and revive its look, but you should take into consideration the type of shampoo and conditioner you are using for your wig, especially if you have a synthetic one. Accordingly, do apply the right products that are designed for wigs to get the best result.

02 Wig Accessory

Wig color ring

The color appears on desktops or mobile screens may be different when you see it in the real product due to the resolution of each device. Therefore, to help the customers choose the right shade for the wig they want to buy, wig suppliers often launch their own wig color ring according to their wig color chart.

Below is the color ring from APOHAIR’s wig collection and the note for each color code.

03 Wig Accessory

Wig comb

A comb is a must-have item of every girl, and for wig users, it’s also an item you should never leave home without it in your bag. However, please make sure you use wide-tooth come for your wig to avoid stretching and breaking the hair.

04 Wig Accessory

Wig cap

For people with partial or no hair loss, a wig cap is a perfect item to hide the natural hair underneath the wig and smooth out unwanted lumps and bumps. Hence, it will bring more comfort to wig users.

For those with total hair loss, a wig cap is even more important. If you apply the wig directly to your head, there is a high possibility that you will suffer from skin irritation. Yet, with a wig cap stays as a barrier between your wig and your scalp, you can forget that disturbing feeling. In addition, if you wear the wig without a cap, it may slip out of your head, and you surely don’t expect that embarrassing moment when you are in the crowd. Whereas, a wig cap can create a layer of friction against the wig, thereby gripping and holding your wig in place.

05 Wig Accessory

Wig clips

Wig clips serve as a supportive accessory wig to secure the wig in your head. Today, wig producers often attach some clips inside the wig for customers. But if there are not any, or if you make a wig on your own, you can easily found this item at a local store and sew them to your wig. It depends on your need to decide how many clips you should use. However, it’s better to have at least 4 clips at each side of the wig, 2 clips in the front and back, and 2 near each ear position. 

06 Wig Accessory

Wig stand

A wig stand is an ideal place to store your wig. After you take off the wig, it’s important to put the wig into the wig stand so that the hair strands will not get tangled. You can also use the stand to hang the wig and let it dry naturally after washing.

In case you want to make some styling to your wig like cutting the hair, putting your wig into the wig stand will help you get the accurate result and avoid ruining your wig.

07 Wig Accessory

Wig glue

Using glue is a common way to wear a lace front wig. It’s easy to do and helps to attach the lace firmly to your scalp, thereby lessening the risk of slippage. There are now numerous types of glue for wig installation in the market, but you need to consider your skin type to choose a suitable one. If you have sensitive skin, “Top 5 best lace front wig glue for sensitive skin” will help you select the right glue to apply your wig.

08 Wig Accessory

Apart from these above items of wig accessory that we have mentioned, there are so many other products that support wearers while using a wig. But it depends on your purpose to purchase the proper ones. We hope that you will always make good use of your wig to master a stunning look. Thank you for reading.


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