Megan Fox no makeup – Transformers’ star with unchangeable beauty

01 Megan Fox No Makeup

Starting her acting career with small roles since 2001, Magan Fox, has claimed her popularity over Hollywood in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. After the blockbuster’s success, Magan Fox has become more and more widely known all over the world. Being a sex symbol and a model featuring in a lot of magazines, she often wears fancy makeup and dresses for her work. However, Megan Fox has proved that makeup cannot transform her as she always looks stunning even in her daily life. Let take a look at the following pictures to see the beautiful Megan Fox no makeup.

Enjoy swimming with a dolphin

02 Megan Fox No Makeup

In this picture, Megan Fox was swimming beside a dolphin. Her face and hair were still damp with water and indeed she was wearing no makeup here. Yet, she can captivate the heart of anyone seeing this photo. Under the bright sunlight, her smile was more vibrant. She looks happy with her time.

A beautiful summer girl in casual outfit

03 Megan Fox No Makeup

This picture was taken while Megan Fox walking outside. She wore a really comfortable combo for summer, a plain grey T-shirt and blue jeans. Even though Megan Fox had no layer of makeup in her face, her flawless skin and pretty face can still make any girl or woman feel jealous.  Her long brown hair was tied loosely, making her look simple yet classy.

Meagan Fox no makeup shopping cosmetic products

04 Megan Fox No Makeup

Megan Fox was seen going to Planet Beauty Supply when she was in Los Angeles. Her face looks a little chubby and cute after waking up in the morning. The actress dressed in a simple grey T-shirt, black jeans and boots. Her hair was tied into a messy bun. Even though appearing with a casual outfit and bare face, she attracted people around her with her beauty and celebrity vibe.

Always busy but pretty

05 Megan Fox No Makeup

Wearing black jeans, a white top and a brown parka coat, the Hollywood actress rushed out between her schedules. She was in the mid of doing something, but her face was still sans makeup. Her hair was put into a care-free bun. Megan Fox in simple clothes is the normal side of the famous star as she loves the style when she is not on her work. Yet, just the way she carries herself, with or without the layer of glamour makeup and dresses, make her impressively charming.

Megan Fox no makeup in her daily life

06 Megan Fox No Makeup

Besides the elegant dresses and alluring poses for red carpets, Megan Fox also leads a normal life like most of us, exercising, going shopping, buying stuff, etc. The picture shows a Megan Fox in a loose T-shirt, oversize gray jacket and yoga pants. She was at the drugstore with her husband. Although she let her hair flow over and wear a baseball cap, we can still see her face with no makeup and her fair skin shines its beauty.

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Hair flying in the wind

07 Megan Fox No Makeup

Maybe the Transformers’ star does not need to do anything to be gorgeous since just a wind blowing can show her natural beauty. Her long straight locks flying in the wind really look breathtakingly beautiful. In this photo, Megan was heading out of the fitness center in the morning. Hence, there is no trace of any cosmetic products in her face. However, she still looks perfect in a black tank top. Her bare face, her smooth hair, her fair skin, all demonstrate her amazing beauty.

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Overall, Megan Fox no makeup cannot change her attractiveness. The moments of her daily life even highlight her natural and precious beauty.


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