Look After Hair Daily – 5 Common Advises We Usually Ignore

5 Advises For Looking After Your Hair

Everybody always dreams of having long, thick, and healthy hair. Both men and women alike are looking for the best ways to look after hair, want to get and keep their hair in great shape. Your hair seems to be healthy when it is strong, silky, and smooth. Thick and alluring hair that shines bright and makes people look neat and tidy is a kind of healthy hair which most people always struggle to achieve.

You always want that long, silky hair for yourself? This kind of hair is often exaggerated for promotional purposes in commercials for hair products and hair care and sometimes you don’t believe it. But honestly saying, the hair of your dreams is still very attainable in real life as well. Here is the list of some most proven and effective ways to look after hair and keep your hair healthy.

Give Your Hair A Trim

Trim Hair

Ensure you get your hair regularly trimmed by a professional barber or stylist. Short hair should be trimmed every 4 to 8 weeks, while the recommended time period to trim for medium to long hair is 6 to 12 weeks. If you don’t like to go to the professional, it is possible for you to do it yourself at home with a little bit of practice. All you need is a pair of scissors to get you started to trim your hair right at your home.

Hair trimming aids the hair with its growth. It might sound a bit counterproductive, but it is very true. This is because regular trimming helps remove damaged hair and split ends, promote further hair growth from the roots. Trimming your ends will make your hair softer and more flexible, thereby preventing your hair from breakage.

Cleanse With Shampoo And Conditioner

Regularly shampooing is very important to your hair because it helps clean your hair and scalp. When you shampoo, remember to pay attention to the scalp and not the ends of your hair. You should also know the right amount of shampoo to use, depending on the situation of your scalp, the length and the density of your hair.

Over applying shampoo will make your hair dry because it removes all the essential oils that are responsible for keeping your hair moisturized and giving it that natural luster. How frequently you need to wash your hair will vary based on its texture and situation, but once or twice a week seems perfect for most people.

After shampooing, condition your hair using a high quality conditioner is very necessary to revitalize your strands with moisture. Dry your wet hair with a clean towel before you apply a conditioner. Remember to do with special focus on the ends of the hair, not on the roots.

Good Diet

Good Diet

This is probably the most effective and important way to look after hair and keep it healthy. Vitamins, protein, and iron found in certain foods are very essential for your hair to grow. The hair cells also need these nutrients to give the hair its natural sheen.

We highly recommend that you should add iron-rich foods such as fish, beans, soybeans and vegetables into your daily diet. Protein-rich sources, such as milk, peas, and lentils also need to be used in your daily meals.

Apply Hair Oils

This is a common way to look after hair and promote healthy hair growth. It is also a very traditional way of ensuring a healthy look of your hair. It works by regulating the amount of oil produced by the oil gland in your scalp.

Natural oils

Try applying a little coconut, almond, or olive oil to your scalp and strands regularly and wait for the result. If your hair is thin/straight, apply an essential oil like coconut oil to your hair before shampoos and skip the regular applications. If your hair is kinky/dry, apply oil when hair is wet to seal in moisture. Because your hair tends to be drier, oil helps the hair retain its moisture, keep it from breakage.

Handle Hair With Care

The last effective way to look after hair mentioned in this article is handling hair with care. Comb your hair with a brush with wide bristles. Wet hair should be combed gently because strands are very weak compared to dry hair. Handle strands with great care to ensure you do not overstretch them which causes breakage in the process. Brush your hair daily, preferably twice a day and remember to do it from the bottom up.

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The bottom line: We hope you will gain some useful tips to look after hair after reading our article. Follow our website for more tips, news and how-to guides and contact us directly if you need any consultation for hair extensions. Good luck and have fun!!!






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