Long hair wig – The secret of charm for every girl

01 Long Hair Wig

Long hairstyles are always marvelous in bringing a beautiful look. Although it requires such a long time for the hair to reach the ideal length, the visual effect it carries will surely worth the wait. However, many people lose their patience for a couple of years waiting and caring for the hair to grow long. Whereas, there is an easy way to obtain the smooth long hair quickly and without difficulty, using a long hair wig.

Why long hair wig?

Long hair wig suits everyone

People who want to go for a short hairstyle often have to ponder a lot since they are afraid that it may not suit their faces. And in fact, short hair wig does look good with just some certain types of face and figures. Meanwhile, a long wig can go with any kind of face shape.

More versatile

With a long wig, you can have more styling options, from braids, ponytails, boho style, buns to sleek straight, deep wavy, romantic curly, etc. There are numerous beautiful hairstyles for long hair. You can change your look in any way you want and enjoy your time for each occasion.

02 Long Hair Wig

Warm you on winter days

The long locks of your wig will help you to cover your ears, neck and nape and keep them warm in the winter. A beanie or scarf may just become your fashion accessories as you are already protected by your marvelous wig.

Rock the hot summer 

You may think that a long hair wig will make you feel hotter in the summer. However, you can simply tie your hair into a stylish or a sporty bun to get away from the sweating nape and be stunning with a new hairstyle.

Shine up your beauty

A long wig with the layered look and long side fringes that frame your face will be a brilliant way to hide your facial flaws and highlight your natural beauty. The long hair strands will cover up the blemishes on your face and make your face look thinner.

03 Long Hair Wig

How to take care of the long hair wig?

Unlike short wigs, long wigs will take you more time for the maintenance process. Besides, in many cases, the long hair strands are prone to tangling easier than short hair. Therefore, it will be better if you master the right method to care for your wig, and then you can enjoy the luscious long locks.

– Wash your long hair wig once or twice a month, depending on your frequency of use

– Choose the mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your long wig

– Know how to detangle a wig will save you much time and avoid messing up with it

04 Long Hair Wig

– Apply suitable moisturizing and wig care products to bring shine and smoothness to your wig

– Don’t be lazy even if you come home late. Take your long wig out of your head and place it on your wig stand.

– Try not to apply heat styling to your long wig as much as you can. A human hair long wig allows heat styling, but too much heat exposure will damage your hair more quickly. Don’t forget to use a heat spray protectant on your wig before you make styling.

Synthetic or human hair long wig?

For a long hair wig, the synthetic fibers will not look and feel as good as the human hair wig. The fibers will become dry and rough just after a short time of use. And you will definitely not welcome anyone to touch your wig hair. Yet, with silky long human hair you will have a natural look like your own hair.

05 Long Hair Wig

At APOHAIR, you can find gorgeous human hair long wigs in many color shades or the premium hair bundles for wig making from our excellent GALAXY COLLECTION to add length to your hair. Let visit our site and choose one for yourself.

A long hair wig will be your close friend that helps you remain a good look on a daily basis or whenever you want. We hope that you make good use of it and shine your beauty. Thank you for reading.


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