The birth of hair extensions has solved a lot of problems related to hair. Hair extensions have become more and more popular as they serve the beauty needs of women. As a result, the hair extensions industry has grown faster than ever.

Among a wide range of hair extension companies, APOHAIR can be listed as one of the most prestigious one. Our staff always makes their efforts to make the customers know about our products. We ensure that the hair extensions that we provide are made of 100% human hair.

Below, we would like to recommend some awesome short curly hairstyles to you to make it easier for you to choose suitable hair extensions.

Curly shag bob


Curly shag bob is a kind of messy and unkempt hairstyle. It looks sharp and shapely. The curly shag bob hairstyle is said to be the harmonious combination of 1970s shag and 1980s curls.

A short curly shag haircut is able to boost the volume of your thin hair and settle the recalcitrant frizz. This hairstyle is a great choice for anyone who cannot spend hours styling their hair. Moreover, it does not require much maintenance.

Curly pompadour hairstyle

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Under no circumstances can you get a pompadour hairstyle without the help of hairstyling products such as hair gel, hair wax, hair spray, etc. It is very short on the sides of your head but longer on top.

Not only women but also women can apply a curly pompadour hairstyle. Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, P!nk, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus can be listed as some typical examples of celebrities with a short curly pompadour hairstyle.

Tapered curly hairstyle

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You may have seen many men with tapered curly hair on top, but it does not mean that this hairstyle cannot work well for women. In fact, tapered curly hairstyle is beloved mostly by black women with natural spiral curls. The most distinctive feature of this hairstyle is that it shortens the length of the hair from the top of your head to your neck.

Although tapered curly hair gives you an awesome style, it becomes more difficult for you to have your natural spiral curls styled into tapered curls when your natural hair gets longer.

Triangle-shaped hairstyle

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Triangle-shaped hair can be also called as pyramid hair. Because the volume of the hair is thicker from the top of the head to the neck, your face is elongated. For this reason, this hairstyle is recommended for girls with thin hair or with a round face. Triangle hair extensions can go in line with different ages.

Do you want to try being a triangle-headed girl?

Short side-swept curly hairstyle

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Anyone who has a wide forehead should go for a short side-swept curly hairstyle because side-swept bangs can frame your face to minimize your forehead. A touch guy will surely be fond of this wig.

Hope that the information that we have shared with you is helpful.


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