Light brown hair extensions – Gorgeous hair color you should try

light brown hair extensions

Do you know that light brown hair dye is one of the latest trends favored by lots of people in 2019? Especially, it is always listed in the top choices of the young. We deeply understand that some of you may hesitate to try this hair color as you are not ready or just because you haven’t determined which tone of brown hair fits you, dark or light brown. At those times, light brown hair extensions may be what you are looking for.

What is light brown hair extensions?

Light Brown Clip In

People started to use hair extensions a long time ago. However, in the past, almost all types of hair are only made in black color. Gradually, when the demand of society increases, hair suppliers begin to innovate new product lines. They develop new hair colors for many types of hair extensions. Light brown hair extensions are the ones drawing much of customer’s attention these days.

When the hair extensions are made in light brown color, they are called light brown hair extensions. With the installation of light brown hair extensions, you are going to get a new appearance. Light brown color is outstanding and it is going to make your skin lighter.

How to take care of light brown hair extensions?

You will look so different with a new appearance thanks to light brown hair extensions. However, taking care of that hair is also important. Keeping the hair look vibrant, healthy-looking and long-lasting are all the necessary things. Below, we are going to provide you with some tips which aim to help you keep your light brown hue gorgeous for days.

Firstly, try to create a protective barrier on the hair. We believe that you are really excited about debuting your new hairstyle after getting your fresh new light brown hair extensions. However, before applying some heat styling tools to the hair extensions, keep in mind that they are no longer virgin hair. It is commonly known that chemically treated hair is often dry and brittle without the use of products that help retain the moisture in the hair. At this time, a heat guard which can lock in moisture while protecting from the damaging effects of heat would certainly be the best option.

Wash Hair

Investing in sunscreen for hair can also be an effective method to protect the light brown hair extension. We may love a sun-kissed light brown highlight. However, to get that natural-looking glow, it actually doesn’t involve going out and sitting in the sun until the light brown hair extensions begin to glisten. Instead, try to protect your hair color from sun damage.

It would also be useful if you can add a strengthening treatment into your routine. This will help to keep the light brown hair extensions strong and natural, giving you your desired look.

Where can you find light brown hair extensions?

Light brown hair extensions are now appearing in lots of hair salons or hair companies. However, if you are a newcomer, it would be difficult for you to find out a reliable address.

Weft wavy light brown hair extensions from APOHAIR

Light Brown Weft

Having more than 25 years in the hair industry, APOHAIR is now one of the biggest human hair suppliers in Vietnam. And if you are falling in love with some light brown hair extensions items, then we are here for you. APOHAIR provides customers with light brown hair extensions that are designed in different styles, textures and lengths.

About styles, we have many attractive models for light brown hair extensions. They are weft hair extensions, tape hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tip hair extensions, wig, lace closure and lace frontal.

APOHAIR lace closure wavy light brown hair extensions

Light Brown Lace Closure

In terms of hair textures, straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair are available. Hair length is flexible, too. Short, medium or long hair, all depend on your need.

There are too many types of hair extensions but we believe that light brown hair extensions are the most perfect when they are made of human hair. If you choose hair products from APOHAIR, we can make sure that all light brown hair extensions in our collection contain no chemicals or synthetic hair. Don’t hesitate anymore, visit our WEBSITE, contact us right now to get the best hair extensions and the most impressive discount programs >> See more: light brown hair extensions by APOHAIR


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