Lace front wig and glueless lace front wig – Things to master before installation

01 What Is A Lace Front Wig

A lace front wig is a familiar item for any wig wearers, and often known with the easiest gluing method for installing. However, the glue can cause skin allergy to people with sensitive skin, hair producer has invented an advanced lace wig called glueless lace front wig. And now, we will learn more about what is lace front wig and what is glueless lace front wig to have a full understanding.

What is a lace front wig?

Most people think of fabric material with a web-like look used to make clothing, curtains, and other décor items when hearing the term “lace”. Yet, with wig wearers and wig supplier, lace is a sheer mesh to which hairs are individually tied. A lace front wig refers to a type of wig with the lace part located at the front of the wig cap.

02 What Is A Lace Front Wig

Since the hairs individually tied to the sheer mesh, a lace front wig brings a more natural look. You can style the hair away from your face as the hairline is invisible and your scalp can be seen through the lace. You can try to tuck your hair under your ears or pull it back your neck, and you can see that your wig cap is nowhere to be found. Accordingly, it looks like your real hair and enables you to change the styles flexibly.

Nowadays, a lot of wig fans choose to purchase a lace frontal and three weft bundles to sew a lace front wig on their own. With some tutorials on wig making, they will not just creae a wig that perfectly fits their head, but also a way to save some money.

What is a glueless lace front wig?

A lace front wig is usually applied with the gluing method and sometimes it can cause skin issues for users. Yet, with a glues lace cap, you can forget that uncomfortable feeling.

03 What Is A Lace Front Wig

As it name states, a glueless lace front wig that is applied without any glue or adhesive, but in fact, if you want to use glue or adhesive, that will not be a problem. A glueless lace front wig consists of an elastic band or a stretch lace cap, adjustable straps and combs or clips at the top, two sides, and the back of the lace wig cap. The stretch lace cap and adjustable straps will secure the perfect fit on your head while the combs and clips contribute to holding the wig in place. And thanks to its convenience and naturalness, the wig is especially loved by models and celebrities.

The pros and cons of glueless lace front wig

Benefits of glueless lace front wig

Convenient to use: Glueless lace front is easy to apply and remove since there is no use of glue, thereby avoid messing your natural hair. You can easily install it with the combs and straps inside the wig and take it off at the end of the day. 

No harm to your hair and scalp: Glueless lace front is a smart choice for people allergic to glue or some types of tape. In addition, since it does not require glue or adhesive to wear the wig, it will cause no damage to your hairline.

04 What Is A Lace Front Wig

Enable daily treatment to bio hair: As the wig is really easy to apply and remove, you can maintain your daily hair care routine for your hair and scalp.

Bring a natural look: One of the great things about lace front wig you can make baby hair around the unit. This way will make your wig look like real.

Disadvantages of glueless lace front wig

The main problems of glueless lace front wigs are wearing them while sleeping or going swimming. If you go to sleep with the wig, it is likely to move out of your head. Hence, it’s better to take off the wig at night. If you are unable to do so, make sure you put the wig into a neat ponytail or use a scarf to wrap the wig. The same thing will happen if you go swimming with your wig. The weight of the wet hair will make your wig slip. In this case, you can secure your wig with some bobby pins before going to the pool.

05 What Is A Lace Front Wig

So now, you can have the answer to the question “What is a lace front wig” and grasp an overview of glueless lace front wig. We hope that it will be useful to you when choosing an item for your look. Thank you for reading.


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