Invisible lace wig – The greatest item for a natural look

01 Invisible Wig

For long-time wig users, an invisible lace wig can be their asset as it secures the most natural look compared to other kinds of lace. Today, let take an overview of invisible lace wig, so you can have a better choice if you intend to buy a wig now.

What is an invisible wig?

An invisible wig is a type of lace wig that uses HD lace, which stands for “high definition” lace. It is considered a royal material of lace that turns invisible when attached to the scalp. It’s hard to tell if you are using a wig as the HD lace can be melted easily to your hairline, thereby making the lace highly undetectable. Like other types of lace wig, invisible lace wig also comes with full lace wig and lace front wig. Each one has strong points, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

02 Invisible Wig

The great benefits of using an invisible wig

Bring the most natural look

The key thing in wearing a wig is having a natural look as much as possible. It’s simply because you surely never want to be embarrassed if someone points out that you are using a wig. That’s why invisible lace wigs are loved by many wearers.

Since the HD lace is in transparent color, it matches with your skin tones perfectly. Hence, it’s invisible to your scalp with the natural hairline around the premiere of the wig. If you are using full lace wigs with HD lace, you will see the hair looks like growing from your real scalp.

03 Invisible Wig

Super-easy to apply

Many people get big troubles with using glue or tape to apply a lace wig into their heads. The glue and tape are sometimes stuck at with their bio hair and scalp. And you don’t need to imagine how much hurt it can bring to get it out. Moreover, people with sensitive skin may encounter allergy or other skin problems. Accordingly, using a wig that is easy to apply and does not require the gluing method is now the choice of wig users. However, with an HD lace wig, you can use a glueless method to install the wig into your head. Perfect, right?

And, a full understanding of how to wear a wig will bring you great help. So, let let learn deeply about it. 

04 Invisible Wig

No more itchy feeling

Normal lace materials can bring users an itchy scalp due to lace irritation. Yet, with an invisible lace wig, you won’t need to worry about that uncomfortable feeling. The HD ensures the finest thickness (it is really thin), and the perfect texture of the lace will bring more ventilation to your scalp. As a result, it lessens the skin irritation caused by the lace.

An ideal item of celebrity

Famous figures often wear wigs to transform their style and look quickly. However, they stand in front of the cameras, the light flashing will easily show the lace part of the wig even if they cover it with a layer of makeup foundation. But that’s not a case for HD lace wigs since the lace can reflect the camera light in a way that makes it look like a real scalp.

Some things to note down

Treat your invisible wig like your best friends

The HD lace is thin, so you need to handle it carefully to avoid breaking it. Furthermore, just like other types of wigs, to maintain the perfect look and keep it longer, it’s better to take special care of the invisible lace wig. A human hair wig with HD lace is often not cheap, so don’t ruin it easily. Let set aside some time to apply proper care for it.

Let find out more about how to detangle a wig and the basic caring tips in: The basic dos and don’ts for new wig wearers

05 Invisible Wig

Changing the color of the HD lace?

Yes, you can. The HD lace of invisible wigs allows bleaching and dying. However, the HD lace is already see-through, and it matches your skin perfectly. Hence, it is not necessary to dye the lace.

APOHAIR’s HD lace wig

All the lace wigs in APOHAIR’s wig collection take advantage of Swiss HD lace, thereby securing the perfect look for users. In addtion, APOHAIR has launched GALAXY COLLECTION with the premium hair bundles and maverlous HD lace frontal and closure for wig making process. Let check it out now and you will totally satisfy with the outstanding quality of our hair products. 


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