Improve the quality of your hair with raspberries

Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries
Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries

Raspberry is an edible fruit which is quite popular in many European and North American countries. In Vietnam, raspberries are planted in many provinces with cold climates.

There are two basic types of raspberries: red raspberries and black raspberries. Generally speaking, there is no significant difference in the nutritional compositions of these 2 types.

Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries
Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries

Recently, raspberry has become an agricultural crop which brings high economic value to the farmers. However, besides economic benefits, raspberries are known to be beneficial to health, skin and hair.

In terms of health, raspberry is used as a precious medicine. We can list some of health benefits of a raspberry. It can treat or prevent diabetes effectively. It can destroy cancer cells. It can be antibacterial. It can improve brain circulation. It can protect your eyesight and so on.

In terms of skin, raspberry helps to slow down the aging process by making your skin look younger. Specifically, in virtue of its high content of antioxidants, your skin is protected from the sunlight. Additionally, vitamin E, flavonoids and carotenoids in raspberries contribute to reducing dark spots on your skin, increasing skin elasticity and promoting skin regeneration.

Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries01
Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries

Especially, in terms of hair, raspberry has the ability to improve your hair quality. Raspberry is a rich source of folate which helps to carry oxygen to each cell of your body, including the hair follicles. As a result, your natural hair becomes strong and hair loss is reduced significantly.

Moreover, your short hair is stimulated to grow faster because magnesium and silicon in raspberries are capable of thickening your hair. Raspberries can also prevent premature greying of hair.

Few people know that raspberries can be used for washing their hair.

The process of making shampoo with raspberries may be complex but it is completely safe and effective.

Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries02
Improve The Quality Of Your Hair With Raspberries

– Step 1: Prepare a reasonable number of raspberries. Choosing raspberries is an important but quite simple task. The plump and deeply colored ones are thought to be okay. On the contrary, the ones which are mushy or the ones which have bruises or dents should be avoided.

– Step 2: Boil about 2 cups of water in a pot.

– Step 3: Turn off the heat after boiling. After that, add the prepared raspberries to the pot and soak them in the boiled water for around 15-20 minutes.

– Step 4: Prepare a bowl. Mix 1 egg, ¼ tablespoon of wine and ½ cup of raspberry water which you have had before. Remember to stir the mixture.

Put this mixture into a vial and use it like normal shampoo. Your hair will be more healthy and beautiful.

Furthermore, it is surprising that raspberries can be also used as a kind of safe and natural hair dye.

It is not difficult to get gorgeous hair, right? If our post is helpful, hope that you will like it. And please forget to leave your comment below. You can support us by experiencing our hair extensions – 100% human hair extensions.


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